Wood Painting

Wood Painting

Prior to painting any wood surface, it needs to be sanded and evened out accurately. Wood Painting is an art and skill in itself. Wood Painting is not just a decorative feature but a preventive measure as well. Wood, which is a biological material, degrades in several ways due to external factors such us humidity, dust, climate changes and UV rays.

Shrinking, expansion, abrasion and fiber erosion of wood or the detrimental effects of living organisms such as fungi, bacteria and bugs make it necessary to protect wood. We have a range of wood painting variations. Whether you prefer latex paint, oil paint or customized style of matte paints; our team would consult with you and help you pick the best design and color.

To prolong its life and protect it against detrimental effects, the wood is coated with “surface protection”. Changes in wood moisture content can result in swelling and shrinkage of wood which can stress and crack coatings. Both problems can be avoided with quality painting.

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