Why Choose 123 Home Solutions

HOME PAINTS: Home painting is an expression of your style and taste. From the very beginning itself, we provide all our clients with an accurate quotation after taking into account the budget and personal preferences of the clients. We provide it beforehand so they can make their decision. Our technicians would visit your home to inspect the condition on the walls and may suggest the required wall treatments (if any) such as Damp Treatment, Acid Treatment, etc. prior to painting. This ensures the longevity of the paint. Our colour/interior experts guide you in the colour selection process. Having skilled painters, we use advanced processes like using a moisture meter which reads the water penetration levels at any wall's surface by utilizing electrical mechanisms; Masking, where all non-paintable applications are covered with masking tape; Dust-free sander implementation and so on. Right from EMI facilities to a *five-year warranty; we have got it all covered for you.

FALSE CEILING: False ceiling not only works miracles in changing the entire outlook of your home but also is one of the most cost-effective ways to do so. We have a dedicated professional team to beautifully design your ceiling according to your requirements.Our main concern, as always, has been the quality of work. Thus, we only use the best quality channels, gypsum boards, light & wires from well-known brands. Lastly, for our beloved customers, we provide EMI as well!

FURNITURE: Furniture gives shape to your interiors and ensures comfortable living. Since we use materials like Century ply, Green ply, BWR (boiling water resistant) ply, engineering wood (MDF board) and it is entirely factory-made, our products have better longevity. We provide customized products and once it's ready we have fitters who set the furniture according to your preferences.We top it all by providing EMI, making the entire procedure hassle-free. You can also buy our predesigned furniture here online!

FLOORING: Flooring is the very foundation of your home.vWe use tiles from well-known brands. Additionally, we have professional workers who ensure perfection. We make sure that it looks attractive and durable at the same time. We provide EMI here as well!

INTERIOR DECORATION: We pledge to create an ideal home which is a reflection of your own thoughts, ideas, beliefs and of course lifestyle. First, we fix your appointment with a professional and try to understand the depth of your requirements. This includes your budget, the number of family members, and if there is a senior citizen or a child, other tastes and preferences. Is there a proper environment for children to study? Is the height and space in your kitchen apt? We come up with all the solutions and provide you with a 2D design drawing layout of your desired interior. Then we discuss the changes & alterations if any, and we provide the final layout in both 2D & 3D drawing. Since we already have our in-house teams for painting, false ceiling, furniture, flooring and wallpapers, we provide the fastest service. This service has a warranty and can be availed using EMI as well!

AFTER SALES SERVICE: We have a dedicated customer care team to provide after-sales service. As per commitment, we provide all the facilities available in your warranty period. We are always ready to provide any sort of assistance. We would like to ensure that there is absolutely no difference between the delivery and the actual commitment. You never have to worry, as our helpdesk is just one text/call away from you!

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