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123 Home Paints-Premier Home Painting Company in Kolkata

Have you been thinking of getting your home painting done? Are you looking for the ideal company which can take care of home painting in Kolkata for you? Look no more because 123 Home Paints is here to take care of all your home painting requirements.

Over the years, this company has tried to revolutionize the concept of home painting and eliminate the hassles. Every time someone thinks of home painting, they are reminded of how stressful it is. However, that is just not the right case.

123 Home Paints has strived and taken immense pride in ensuring that all their clients receive hassle free home painting services at the most affordable costs.

Consultation from Color Experts

123 home paints

When you want your home color done, you always want to consult the best people. Upon contacting 123 Home Paints, the best color consultants will get in touch with you. They will understand your requirements and give you the most efficient color choices, painting solutions and any other additional service if required.

If you are a believer of Vaastu then these experts will suggest you colors and wall designs which will be the best for your home and its happiness.

Use of Advanced Tools

123 home paints

Our team would inspect your alls using high end tools and keep them all sanitized at all times. They would ensure that your walls are perfect and do not have any internal damage which might ruin the paint in a few months. They conduct Damp Check through moisture meters. They will use highly mechanized tools to check the damp level in your walls with high end moisture meters.

Easy EMI Plans

123 home paints

You do not have to rush o pay the whole amount at once. 123 Home Paints offers easy EMI plans for all their customers. You can pay in easy EMI installments. There are several other methods to make payment. Everything is designed keeping in mind the ease of the customers involved.

Zero Mess

123 home paints

Our painters will mask everything before they start with the painting. Every single piece of furniture and switch boards and even the accessories which may get paint over them is masked with masking tape properly. Then only is any painting work started. Additionally, our painters will also clean the floors if a single drop of paint is split. You will have a clean and freshly painted home after the end of the job.

We are your one stop solution for home painting services in Kolkata at 123 Home Paints. Feel free to reach out to us and we shall be able to help you.

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