Home Painting


Supriyo Sarkar


Very good experience with 123Homepaints, Mr. Hasim Ali and his team are very qualified painter and will suggest others to have them.

Putul Sarkar


Employees are very good at their work, specifically Krishna and his father. They did excellent work. Sumit was also very cooperative. We are very much satisfied with their work.

Chandan Shaw


Much appreciated the quality of work and post sales service, especially by Halim and Ashiq. We are delighted by their promptness & on-time delivery of couple of spare parts.. I'm very satisfied and happy with my modular kitchen.. People, just go with 123..highly recommended !!!!!


123Home Paints is one of the leading home painting companies offering premium services in interior home painting. We recognize that employing interior painters and bringing them into your house to paint is a trusting relationship. Our interior home painters give it their all for our beautiful clientele, ensuring that the painting project is completed correctly and with as little disruption as possible.

We have exceptionally talented painters, unlike some of the other interior painting companies in Kolkata. In Kolkata, we are the go-to home paint company. Our team will ensure that your home or workplace receives the best interior painting services possible. 123Home Paints would be glad to paint any type of facility you desire, whether it is your home or office space.

Process of Home Painting Services

123Home Paints stands out from most of the pre-existing companies in the market in terms of its extensively professional process and approach. We take home painting very seriously. Our home painting process begins with our team of specialists visiting your home and inspecting the condition of the walls.

  • ● During the site inspection, we inform you if the walls require any kind of treatment or whether there are underlying issues in them. Damp walls, cracked walls or walls with water issues can cause the paint to erode over time hampering the look and quality of your walls.
  • ● A thorough damp check is done before the primer even touches the wall. Our technicians would visit your home and inspect the walls for any damage. Previous damp issues can make the paint look soggy and cause problems in the future. Untreated damps can also permanently damage the walls over a while.
  • ● Other than the damp check; this site inspection includes Cracks, Salt Water Damage, Uneven surfaces etc. While our technicians go for site visits they also look for cracks in your walls. There could be underlying cracks which in the future ruin the sheen of the paint. Proper crack treatment is done in case any cracks are found.

We proceed to fix any damage which might have been there. Later our color experts will guide you and help you pick the right colors for your rooms. We do keep in mind your preferences, design aesthetics and various other factors like Vaastu in mind as well.

You will get a complete customized solution for your home painting requirements.

Why Choose 123Home Paints?

Other than all the qualities mentioned above, you shall also receive a full warranty on your home painting services. We only let experienced and skilled painters hold a brush. You can be assured that only the best of the best professionals would be painting your home. We understand that hiring interior painters and inviting them into your home to paint is an act of trust. Therefore, we conduct strict background checks on all our workers.

  • ● Our painters will mask every piece of furniture, switchboards and anything else before they begin painting. A lot of our clients have said that we leave their homes cleaner than it was before the painting job. Every non-paintable appliance/item is covered with masking tape. There won’t be a spill of paint on the floors or anywhere else.
  • ● All our services are ensured with a 5-year warranty. We make sure that our clients are fully satisfied even after the job is done. We work to see a smile on your face.
  • ● 123Home Paints has a very flexible EMI plan. We let our clients pay in easy and small installments. At 123Home Paints, we make sure that your home painting experience is delightful and easy!

We work through every nook and cranny to give you that perfect, well painted and long-lasting wall paint!

Types of Home Painting Services

Whenever people think of a home painting company, they immediately think of interior wall paints. However, for many, the exterior of their home is equally important. At 123Home Paints, we take care of both the interior and exterior of your home as per your convenience and preference. (let me know if more detailing needs to be added; interior and procedure already covered most about the services)