Interior Designing



Joydeep Mandal


The applicator and his workers were really professional and their work were also top quality. The applicator Nazmul and his worker Mahinur were really good and helped a lot on choice of colors.


Senjuti Das


I am extremely satisfied with Azhar Molla's cooperation with us. He is patient enough to listen to my queries and has been very helpful. The quality of work is top notch. I am happy that I selected this company.


Subhadeep Roy


123 Home Paints have been very responsive and on their feet, in order to get my interior paints done. From prompt query replies, to offering an extremely dynamic range of premium Asian Paints colors, to showing digitized color combinations on room images- the company and it's employees have been very helpful.


Effortless Professional Interior Design Services from A Top Interior Designer in Kolkata

Embark on a seamless journey of personalized interior design solutions for both your residential and commercial spaces with our team. We've joined forces with the most skilled interior designers in Kolkata, ensuring your envisioned project comes to life seamlessly.

Hassle free Professional Interior Designing: Transparency from Concept to Completion

Our commitment extends from meticulous planning to project completion, embracing absolute transparency. Partnering with the best interior designer in Kolkata, our consultants take full responsibility for your project. Beyond completion, our dedicated staff provides unparalleled after-sales assistance. Whether it's your home or office, reach out to us for a hassle-free interior design experience in Kolkata.

Visualize Your Space with 3D Models

For a comprehensive understanding, we offer detailed 3D models encompassing furniture layouts, ceiling designs, electrical plans, woodwork, wall concepts, flooring details, and more. As one of the most famous interior designers in Kolkata, 123 Home Paints collaborates closely with clients, sourcing goods from across India and overseas.

Designing Homes that Speak Volumes

A well-designed home is a testament to your identity and aspirations. As your trusted partner, we translate your dreams into reality, crafting timeless homes for you and your loved ones. More than just artistic creations, we, as a group of interior decorators in Kolkata, ensure our designs enhance utility, simplifying lives.

Process of Interior Designing Services

  • Consultation: Our top interior designers in Kolkata collaborate with you to understand your dreams, offering creative ideas and customization options.
  • 2. Design: Witness your dream interiors materialize on your floor plan through 3D renderings within a few days of your designer meeting.
  • 3. Production: After perfecting the 3D/2D drawings, our team procures products from reputable vendors. Production commences, and installation is imminent.
  • 4. Installation: Our skilled team ensures meticulous installation, adhering to stringent criteria. After thorough examinations and quality tests, your dream home becomes a reality.

Why Choose 123Home Paints - Best Interior Design Company In Kolkata?

Our experienced professionals, including home and flat architects and interior designers in Kolkata, maintain rigorous quality assurance throughout the process. The result is an authentic reflection of your personality and lifestyle. Our home and flat interior designer in Kolkata prioritizes functionality, creativity, and elegance without compromising quality.

We pride ourselves on offering unmatched services at affordable costs. As one of the most sought-after interior design companies in Kolkata, we consistently strive to exceed expectations. Contact us today for the best office interior designers in Kolkata, leaving a lasting impression on your clients and employees.


  • 1. What services do 123Home Paints offer as an interior design company in Kolkata?
    At 123Home Paints, famous interior designers kolkata, we provide comprehensive interior design services for both residential and commercial spaces. Our offerings include personalized design solutions, project planning, 3D modeling, and end-to-end project management.
  • 2. How does the consultation process work with your top interior designers in Kolkata?
    Our top interior designers engage in a collaborative consultation process to understand your aspirations. We prioritize your creative ideas and preferences, ensuring a customized design that truly reflects your style and vision.
  • 3. What sets 123Home Paints apart from other interior design companies in Kolkata?
    We stand out for our commitment to transparency, from the initial planning stages to project completion. Our skilled professionals, including architects and interior designers, maintain a rigorous quality assurance process, delivering original and personalized designs.
  • 4. Can I expect after-sales support from 123Home Paints?
    Absolutely. Beyond project completion, our dedicated staff offers excellent after-sales assistance. Whether it's clarifications, adjustments, or additional support, we're committed to ensuring your satisfaction even after the design project is finished.
  • 5. How does 123Home Paints ensure affordability without compromising quality?
    We take pride in delivering the best services at affordable costs. By carefully managing resources, sourcing goods from reputable vendors, and focusing on efficiency, we ensure that you receive top-notch interior design services in Kolkata without breaking the bank.