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Joydeep Mandal


The applicator and his workers were really professional and their work were also top quality. The applicator Nazmul and his worker Mahinur were really good and helped a lot on choice of colors.

Senjuti Das


I am extremely satisfied with Azhar Molla's cooperation with us. He is patient enough to listen to my queries and has been very helpful. The quality of work is top notch. I am happy that I selected this company.

Subhadeep Roy


123 Home Paints have been very responsive and on their feet, in order to get my interior paints done. From prompt query replies, to offering an extremely dynamic range of premium Asian Paints colors, to showing digitized color combinations on room images- the company and it's employees have been very helpful.

123Home Paints aims to offer top notch service for best interior designers in Kolkata. A home's overall interior design can set an atmosphere, a mood, or give people an idea of the lifestyle of the person. At 123Home Paints, the first step of the interior design process often starts with initial detailed planning, taking into account all the important specifications and issues that our clients bring to the table.

We discuss ideas, build 3D Designs and secure the way to accomplish your desired interior design goals. For your better understanding, we provide you with a detailed set of 3D models that may include furniture layouts, ceiling designs, electrical, wood work, wall concepts and flooring details, and etc. At 123Home Paints, we work very closely with our clients to find out exactly what fits their home. We buy goods from all over India and overseas as well.

We maintain a sharp, comprehensive and reliable quality check at sites throughout the process. The final result is very much the original and customary expression of the personality of the client and their feelings about life. At 123Home Paints, our interior decorators in Kolkata works with you at every step of the way to construct practical, innovative and beautiful living spaces that function without compromising the quality in sync with your needs and lifestyle.