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Very good experience with 123Homepaints, Mr. Hasim Ali and his team are very qualified painter and will suggest others to have them.

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Employees are very good at their work, specifically Krishna and his father. They did excellent work. Sumit was also very cooperative. We are very much satisfied with their work.

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Much appreciated the quality of work and post sales service, especially by Halim and Ashiq. We are delighted by their promptness & on-time delivery of couple of spare parts.. I'm very satisfied and happy with my modular kitchen.. People, just go with 123..highly recommended !!!!!


Exterior Home Painting Color Combinations Ideas And Techniques

The exterior colour palette of your home significantly affects how it looks and feels as a whole. Before you ever go inside, the exterior paint colours on your siding, trim, front door and other aspects set the mood.

Choose two or three more colours that compliment the hue after taking the undertones of your siding colour into account. For instance, this house's grey siding has prominent blue overtones that are emphasised by the turquoise front door and patio furnishings. In stark contrast to the cool exterior tones, white trim shines out. The exterior color of your home is really important. Special techniques need to be used as well. The exterior has to be properly waterproofed, sun proofed and painted well. Therefore, experts at 123Home Paints take extra measures to ensure that your exterior walls are well painted and aftercare is also done.

Which Color is Best for Your Outside House?

Although exteriors are normally less prone to fads in design, there has recently been a change in the most common house paint colours. On siding, trim, and front doors, traditional bright whites are giving way to more brash, bold colour schemes. Consider vivacious blues and greens, buttery neutrals, lively pastels, or even monochrome designs in charcoal and black.

It is possible to link the struggle of the previous few years to this new preference for vibrant outdoor colours. There is a greater need to appreciate the wonderful things in life and let go of choices that don't really matter in the big picture. This entails bringing greater excitement to both the picking process and the colours one chooses.

Choosing bright colors or neutral colors is a personal pick; however, talking to a professional home painting company can really solve the matter for you.

Exterior Home Painting Services We Offer

  • House Painting

  • We strongly believe that painting can really elevate the look, feel and vibe of any home. Our exterior home painting services help the exterior of your home get the most vivid and vibrant feel. We use only the best quality paint and trained painters to paint the exterior of your home. House painting is a big part of any home’s character and does not take that lightly. There is a stepwise method followed to prepare the walls even before paint touches it.

  • Commercial Exterior

  • Any office space’s vibe and environment are defined by its color and design. Therefore at 123Home Paints, we help your commercial workplace get the right kind of color. It needs to have a good building color in order for it to look presentable.

  • Waterproofing Services

  • What is the point of painting your home if the paint is going to get washed off and get stained in rain? At 123Home Paints, our experts make sure that the walls are waterproofed and taken care of once the painting job is complete.