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What is The Minimum Budget Required for A Laminate Flooring?

What is The Minimum Budget Required for A Laminate Flooring?


Give your home a modern makeover with laminate flooring. It gives your home a rich yet different look. Laminate flooring is a new trend. When our house painting contractors got a contract for house painting in Kolkata, the clients also showed interest to modify their flooring. Laminate flooring gives a high-end look that is appreciated by all. It has become a popular choice across Indian households. This is an affordable option to give your home a classy and elegant look.

But many have a question about the laminate flooring and its price. Many factors depend on it. Our house painting contractors help you if you want to decorate home with laminate flooring. Let’s check some important information about laminate flooring.


What is laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring is a multi-layer hybrid flooring which is made with particleboard wood. This synthetic flooring is combined together with a lamination process. The advantage of laminate flooring is it’s easy to clean and easy to install. But don’t confuse laminate flooring with vinyl flooring.

The laminated wood sheets have a photorealistic image of wood on the top. The image is covered with a wear layer. A wear layer is a thin and durable plastic sheet that protects the flooring from exterior elements like UV rays, moisture and scratching. It can be used safely in a living room, dining room, bedroom, hallway and kitchen. You can also use this in your office.


Laminate flooring look

Any wood or stone look is possible, from the rustic oak look to gray and white tile finish. No doubt laminate flooring can make your home look outstanding no matter what your interior style is. Get our expert service in laminate flooring besides house painting in Kolkata.



The main advantage of laminate flooring is that it is easy to clean and scratch-resistant. This is a great advantage of those people who own pets. But it has a con, water can play a spoilsport. If it gets between the seams, then the flooring can be damaged. Contact expert house painting contractors for the best service.



Laminate flooring is for those who want a wood finish on a limited budget. It is more affordable than solid hardwood or engineered wood flooring, vinyl flooring and ceramic tiles.

It is also eco-friendly as laminate flooring uses the least amount of wood compared to its counterparts.


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