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Is It Possible to Add A False Ceiling to Your Room Within A Small Budget?

Is It Possible to Add A False Ceiling to Your Room Within A Small Budget?


Many people choose a false ceiling while remodeling their house. A false ceiling definitely adds splendor to your home. It looks elegant and your guests will surely appreciate that. But before installing a false ceiling people generally concerned about the budget. But you don’t need to worry. False ceiling cost in India is reasonable. On average, the false ceiling cost starts from Rs 60/ sq ft. There are various designs to choose from and your cost depends on the style and complexity level. If you choose a straight design, then it would cost less.


When house painting in Kolkata many of our clients show interest in the false ceiling. If you are planning your interior modification, then contact our house painting contractors. We first check the height of your room. Some space needs more headroom and the Plaster of Paris ceiling takes some space. Based on the area and your home structure our house painting contractors suggest the pattern which looks good. But if you have something in your mind for your house painting in Kolkata, then you are free to consult with us.


But why you install a false ceiling?

  • It gives a different look to the home
  • False ceiling gives additional insulation from heat
  • Give an illusion of a spacious room
  • It reduces the height of the ceiling and that’s better for air conditioning
  • Strategically designed false ceiling hides the electrical wires, ducts and frames
  • False ceiling with proper lighting can change the look of your home


It’s totally up to you what size and what design you prefer for your home. Consult our house painting contractors and decide whether you want the false ceiling entire the area or just near the lighting.


Generally, false ceilings are white. But you can experiment with the color. Use light colors for a clean look. But if you want to give your home a cozy look, then paint the false ceiling with earth tones like brown or orange that would give your house painting in Kolkata a nice look.


You may think maintaining a false ceiling is tough. But it does not require huge maintenance. Cleaning with a sponge is enough. But if the false ceiling is white, then it might need regular cleaning. After some time, the white color becomes faded and it needs re-painting.


Call our paint company for house painting in Kolkata. If you are interested in false ceiling for your home contact our house painting contractors. Get 123 Home Paints’ service in West Bengal and Delhi. Get in touch with us through our Rong Number 8336979516/8336979514. 

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