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How A Decorative False Ceiling Can Enhance The Beauty of Your Living Room?

How A Decorative False Ceiling Can Enhance The Beauty of Your Living Room?


Want to make your home look different from others? Then go for false ceiling. While home painting in Kolkata many of our clients ask us about the idea of a false ceiling. We always give them a positive response. False ceiling adds drama to your home. A beautiful home painting gives your home a new and refreshing look and a false ceiling enhance the beauty of the home. But you may think false ceiling can reduce the height of your room then you are wrong. If done properly false ceiling design can create a visual appeal that impresses your guests and also you. It actually makes the area spacious. You can be creative with false ceiling designs.   

Let’s explore some great designs of false ceiling


Square False Ceiling

Create a false ceiling with square patterns and hang lamps from it. Design the ceiling with symmetrical squares. This design looks awesome just because of its simplicity. Make the ceiling white that adds glamour to your home painting.


Plaster False Ceiling

Make your home painting in Kolkata remarkable with plaster false ceiling.  Use plaster to make an artistic false ceiling. Choose an embellished fresco design that increases the beauty of your home.


Circular False Ceiling

Try a circular pattern on your ceiling. Though it’s a common design but you can make the design look brilliant by using color in the middle. Make the ceiling white and paint a bright color in the center. This creates a contrast. When you light up the room then the light and contrast colors together create a dramatic ambiance. This whole ambiance makes your home painting more impressive.


Wooden False Ceiling

Make your home painting in Kolkata more appealing with wooden false ceiling. Wooden false ceiling brings warmth to the concrete walls. If you use neutral for your home painting then the wooden ceiling is the best option. Wood adds a color that makes a contrast. You can try different patterns of the wooden ceiling.


Two Tones False Ceiling

Design a false ceiling with two tones. Use neutral colors to make it more appealing. It creates layers that make your living room more spacious. Hang chandelier or fan, you can also use spotlights. This enhances the beauty and elegance of the room and home painting.


False Ceiling Separator

Use the false ceiling as a separator between two different places like your living or dining. Keep a vacant space between two areas and design your false ceiling. You don’t need a visible divider, the false ceiling is enough that separate the two portions.


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