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5 Best Color Options for Your Living Room

5 Best Color Options for Your Living Room


Last month when we visited a client for house painting in Kolkata, the client specifically told us to give special attention to her living room. This room is very special to her and there are lots of memories. Living room is a place for your family get together. So choose a nice color for your living room. But selecting the right color for your house painting is tough. Choose a shade that impresses your guest and also you. The shade should refresh your mind. Our paints company in Kolkata gives you some living room color suggestions that make your living room beautiful and attractive.



This sober and cool color makes a living room look sophisticated. This color stabilizes your mind and whenever you return to your home it calms down your soul. Blue looks brilliant and the color has different shades. Ask our paints company in Kolkata which shade suits best for your house painting in Kolkata.



This soothing color brings harmony to your home. Green is associated with nature that is why it symbolizes freshness. It is the most relaxing and restful color for the human eye. So, this is an ideal color for a living room. For house painting in Kolkata where pollution is everywhere if you give your home a touch of green, this color gives freshness to your home and your mind. 



This lively color adds instant sunshine to any place. You can experiment with yellow in your living room. Our paints company in Kolkata suggests you to color blocking your living room. Combine two colors, yellow with white. This half-half pattern surely attracts you and your guests. You can also use yellow as an accent color.



This sophisticated color is subtle and elegant. This is color can be used in any room. If you think gray is too dull then use some pop of colors that makes the wall look interesting. This neutral color is perfect for your house painting in Kolkata.



Living room with an orange painted wall is playful. The color creates a perfect backdrop. Vibrant orange lifts your mood and the color on your living room wall looks amazing. To reduce its vibrancy our paints company in Kolkata advice pairing orange with white. White also helps to keep a balance.  


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