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7 Wall Painting Patterns That Will Make Your Living Room Look Traditional Yet Classy

7 Wall Painting Patterns That Will Make Your Living Room Look Traditional Yet Classy


The living room is a place where the family sits together, spends time together and communicate with each other. This is a place of countless memories and happy moments. When we get a contract for home painting in Kolkata, our clients share us about many of their memories related to their living room. So this place deserves some special treatment. The colors of your living room have an impact on your mood. Paint your living room with beautiful colors that not only impress you but also your guests.

Experience of home painting in Kolkata is great. Many of our clients ask us about the right wall painting patterns that will make your living room look traditional yet classy. Our paint company gives you some suggestion


Minimalist Living Room

The clean, minimal living room looks good. Apply a light color for your living room. You can create an accent wall with vibrant orange or yellow, which makes your home painting great. Use a minimum of furniture and décor.


Gray Living Room

Give your home painting an elegant touch with gray. This color is perfect for a traditional yet classy living room. This is the easiest color which you can experiment with any room. Dark or light, you can use any shade according to your room style. Give the contract to an expert paint contractor for home painting in Kolkata.


Deep Color Living Room

Rich colors create a statement for your home painting. Interesting colors can change the look of your living room. Purple, red, brown looks great and these hues attract your guests. Get the best suggestion from our paint company for home painting in Kolkata.


Floral Living room

If you like floral prints then go for floral living room décor. It’s not necessary to use light pastel colors, but you can definitely experiment it with dark colors for home painting. Floral décor makes your living room fresh and attractive.


White Living Room

While home painting in Kolkata many of our clients say white is boring, but actually, it is not. Paint your living room with classic white. White will always look gorgeous. This gives a sophisticated look and makes your home painting awe-inspiring.


Green Living Room

Make your living glamorous with green. This gives a dash of elegance to your home painting. Green is a natural color, so this color refreshes your mind instantly.


Classic Combo Living Room

Everyone loves the beautiful pair of blue and white. The combination of these two colors can make your living room just wow. Our paint company always prefers this duo for a classy living room while home painting in Kolkata.


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