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5 DIY Methods To Clean Up Your Wall Keeping The Wall Paint Intact

5 DIY Methods To Clean Up Your Wall Keeping The Wall Paint Intact


Painting home needs a great effort. Beautiful colors enhance the beauty of your home. The first thing a visitor notices when they enter your home is the walls. Nicely painted walls clearly make them impressed. There are many home painting services Kolkata. But call only an expert paint company for home painting in Kolkata.

It’s necessary to maintain your wall paint. You need to clean all the stains and marks to keep your wall clean and beautiful. Maintaining your wall also keeps your paint in good condition.

Let’s check out some DIY methods to clean up your wall



Dust, dirt, cobwebs make the walls really dirty and this also affects the paint. The easiest way to keep your wall clean without hampering the wall paint is basic dusting. You don’t need anything technologically advanced to get a spotless wall. Just dust it with a microfiber dust cloth. But don’t ignore your ceiling. While home painting in Kolkata we experience many such problems, like dust can damage the color. Contact our paint contractor for the best home painting services Kolkata.


Kitchen and Bathroom Walls

These two places need more attention as bathroom and kitchen walls tend to get dirty. It is preferable to deep clean these places once a month. Rub the walls with a sponge and soapy water to clean residues of cooking and steamy showers. Clean the walls gently and wash the small portions. After washing, dry the walls with a clean towel. For expert home painting services Kolkata calls us.


Clean Wallpaper

If your wallpaper is washable then use a sponge and natural solution of warm water and dishwashing soap. Before cleaning the wallpaper gently just test the solution on a small part to be sure it won’t damage the paper. Gently rub it on your wallpaper. If the wallpaper is non-washable then uses a dry sponge and carefully dust the wallpaper. Never use abrasive cleaners as it can scratch the wallpaper coating. You need an expert paint company for home painting in Kolkata.


Finger-marks or small smudge

Use an art-gum eraser and then gently rub the portion to clean the wall. You can also use baking soda and water to clean the finger marks. Get the best home painting services Kolkata.


Crayon Marks

While home painting in Kolkata we notice many crayon marks. If you have naughty kids in your house, then your walls must be painted with crayons. But don’t worry, just use good oil lubricant to clean the marks. For ink marks use alcohol and gently rub the portion.


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