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5 Most Trendy Color Patterns For Your Room

5 Most Trendy Color Patterns For Your Room


Colors bring life to any home. Beautiful color has the power to impress anyone. Good colors set the mood of a home. But picking up a perfect wall color for your home painting is really difficult. From testing the color to applying it on the wall, it is an art to choose a perfect shade. At the time of home painting, many of our clients ask about the right shade from our paints company in Kolkata. Home painting is the best way to transform any room into an amazing place. You need the right paint contractor who can help you to choose the right color for your home.

Our paints company in Kolkata recommends you the trendy colors for your room


Charismatic Coral

Choose an energetic and bright shade for your home painting. This optimistic color can instantly boost up your mood. Coral can be the best option for your home revamp. You can also use the color’s orange and pink counterparts. The best place to use this color is your little girl’s bedroom. She’ll love the shade.


Forest Green

Bring nature into your home. Apply a dark green color in your living room. Green has the healing property. So using this color can bring the natural properties into your home. Dark green has a sophisticated richness. But use this color in your living room only when you have enough light sources, otherwise, it may look too dark. 


Elegant Turquoise

Choose a bright and brilliant shade for your home painting. Our paints company in Kolkata suggests a statement shade, turquoise. You’ll love this vibrant color. This is perfect for your living room, but you can use this color also on your bedroom wall. Use this color on a single wall and keep the other walls light.


Sunshine Yellow

A happy home gives you the pleasure of homecoming. Yellow gives your home painting an optimistic vibe. This color makes you cheerful and energetic. Rich yellow creates a statement and coziness. This striking shade makes your guests awe-inspired. Contact our paints company in Kolkata for the color solution.     


Soft Cream

Those who love a simple look, cream is the ideal choice for them. This neutral color makes your home painting classy yet natural. Use this soft shade on your bedroom wall. Our paints company in Kolkata suggests use cream shade with its bolder and colorful undertone. Use different light effects with this color for an interesting look.


Get the best possible solution from our paints company in Kolkata. Contact our expert paint contractors for experienced home painting. Call 123 Home Paints at Rong Number 8336979516/8336979514.   

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