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5 Wall Colors That Will Make Your Room Look Elegant

5 Wall Colors That Will Make Your Room Look Elegant


Painting home is not an easy job. Especially when it comes to choosing walls colors. Whenever our paint contractors go for house painting in Kolkata they have faced many inquiries. Many of our clients ask us what color to pick when giving a contract for house painting services. There are so many shades, they are getting confused which would be the best shade for their home. That is why our paint company makes easy the job for you.

Our paint company recommends some best colors for your house painting that will make your room look elegant.


Pretty Purple

Paint home with rich and luxurious purple. But light or dark which purple shade you choose, it totally depends on the space you want to paint. If you want to paint your bedroom then choose a light shade of purple. For your living, try a rich purple as an accent. All purple wall can look too dark. Contact our expert paint contractor for the best house painting services. 


Rich Red

Red is bold and passionate. Of course, if you apply this color, it looks gorgeous on your wall. Red makes a room look impressive. But this color is very tricky as how good your room looks totally depends on how much red you use for your home painting. Consult an expert paint contractor for the best solution. Our many clients ask us about the right use of red when house painting in Kolkata.


Youthful Yellow

Want to make your home bright and beautiful? Choose yellow without any doubt. It makes your room look cheerful and bright. This is a color of sunshine. This happy color can instantly change your mood. If you want a better yellow look, then use this color as an accent or do some experiment. Apply yellow on your main door. At the time of house painting services consult the paint contractor and use yellow for home painting.


Gorgeous Gray

Choose gray for a gorgeous home painting. Gray is subtle yet beautiful. This neutral color can add drama and your room looks elegant. Combine it with a pop of bright color that breaks the all gray look. You can use your accessories with other colors. Whenever we give a contract for house painting in Kolkata our paint company recommends gray for elegant home painting with other schemes.


Beautiful Blue

Apply cool blue in your room. Blue is perfect for your bedroom where you rest. This serene color calms down your mind. Use a light shade of blue for a peaceful ambiance. Consult our paint contractor for best house painting services.


Contact an expert paint company for house painting services and get the best result. 123 Home Paints is available for house painting in Kolkata and West Bengal. Just dial our Rong Number 8336979516/8336979514.

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