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Paint Home with Triadic Color Scheme

Paint Home with Triadic Color Scheme


Want to brighten up your home? Try triadic scheme for vibrant home painting. Triadic scheme is very contrasting and bright. Understanding this scheme is not very difficult. Three colors are evenly spaced on the color wheel. Primary colors like red, blue, and yellow and secondary shades like purple, green, and orange are the most basic triadic palette. But you can choose between primary and secondary colors. The contrasting and vibrant shades make the palette more dramatic. But if you want light shades then obviously you can tone down the colors and create your triadic palette. Consult with your paint contractor for beautiful home painting.

Our paint company suggests some scheme for your home painting


Purple, Green, and Orange

This scheme is for those who love colors. This lively trio is the best choice for a vibrant home painting. It creates a drama and a bohemian look. Our paint company suggests applying this in your living room. This happy and energetic color scheme can impress anyone.


Red, Yellow, and Blue                 

If you choose this triadic shade then tones down yellow and blue. It creates a light and bold scheme. Light yellow adds warmth and blue is cool. Red provides excitement. Bright and light colors complement each other. Apply blue on your wall as an accent. The subdued colors are sophisticated and make your home painting look great.


Yellow-Orange, Blue-Green, and Red-Violet

Create a beautiful scheme with these colors. The mix of shades gives your home painting an amazing touch. Whenever your guests come to visit, these vivid colors simply impress them. Talk to your paint contractor where to apply this scheme.


Violet, Orange, and Green

Paint home with these beautiful shades. Orange is cheerful and bright. Keep violet subtle. Green is calm and natural. These three colors complement each other. You can use orange as an accent. You need an experienced paint contractor for the best home painting suggestion.


Red, Yellow, and Blue

These colors are refreshing and lively. Our paint company proposes to try this trio in the kid’s room. The youthful shades cheer up anyone’s mood. Kids love these bright and vibrant colors.


Blue-Violet, Red-Orange, and Yellow-Green

These three shades together create uniqueness. You can decorate your kitchen with these vibrant shades. The shades are vibrant but when you look at the wall the colors don’t harsh your eyes.


Contact our paint contractor if you have any queries about the triadic color scheme. Our paint company gives you a suggestion to decorate your home perfectly. Get 123 Home Paint’s service in West Bengal. You can contact us at our head office in Kolkata. Call our Rong Number 8336979516/8336979514.  

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