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Experiment With Analogous Color Scheme

Experiment With Analogous Color Scheme


Confused while choosing colors for your home painting? Our paint company gives you an easy solution. Try the analogous color scheme. This makes easy for you to decide color combos. The analogous color scheme is not so complicated. Three colors on the color wheel sit next to each other like red-violet, red and red-orange or yellow, yellow-orange or orange. The Analogous scheme gives your home painting a vibrant touch. It depends on you and your paint contractor which three colors you choose for your room.

Our paint company elaborates


Red-Violet, Red, and Red-Orange  

This warm and rich combo creates a relaxing and inviting ambiance. Red is passionate and orange is playful. Violet adds a soothing touch. Together, these three creates a fiery appeal to your home painting. You can create an accent with red. Contact your paint contractor how to experiment with these three colors.


Yellow, Yellow-Orange, and Orange

Yellow and orange together create a cheerful and youthful look. This trio makes your home painting look energizing and refreshing. Our paint company suggests trying this scheme in your living room and impresses your guests.


Blue-Green, Green, and Yellow-Green

These three colors are cool and refreshing. Try this scheme in your bedroom. Blue and green both soothe your eyes and mind. The lightness and brightness turn your home into a happy place. When you come to your bedroom the calmness of blue, green and yellow relaxes your mind.


Blue, Blue-Violet and Violet

Want to give your home painting a stylish look? Try this scheme. Blue and violet not only fashionable but also complement your room. You will love the striking appeal and beauty of the room. Decorate with these three color accessories. It changes the look of your room and you can see how your guests praise you.


Red, Red-Orange, and Orange

Give your home painting a drama. Red and orange compliments each other. The bright shade adds shine and glamour to your home painting. If you think red is loud for your room, then you can add accessories with a light color to balance the look. It’s better to ask your paint contractor before paint your room.


Green, Yellow-Green, and Yellow

Sophisticated and stylish, this scheme easily attracts attention. Use this in your living room. Yellow cheers you up and green calms down your mind. Other than painting your wall, try this color scheme in your sofa cushions or other furniture.


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