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Decorate Your Kid’s Room With Attractive Colors

Decorate Your Kid’s Room With Attractive Colors


It’s time to think about the little member of your family. Their choice is also important. When choosing a color for your home, don’t forget to give your kid’s room a makeover. Ask them what their preference is. Remember different color has a different psychology. Choose a color for their room’s home painting that lifts up their mood and at the same time keep them stay focus. Consult a professional paint contractor.


We generally choose blue or pink respectively for boys’ and girls’ rooms. But there are other attractive colors. Our paint company suggests some best colors for the little one’s room



This is a stimulating color. Red increases heart rate, and it energizes children. This color also increases focus. Use red as an accent color for your kid’s home painting. It’s better if you combine red with other cool colors that perfectly balances red. Our paint company recommends don’t use too much red as this may trigger aggression which could fell a bad influence on children.



This cheerful color adds energy and a positive vibe to your kid’s home painting. According to research, children who study in a yellow room can concentrate more, and they have a very good memory recall. Pair up yellow with gray, green or blue. These colors keep the perfect balance and make the color shine. Just remember one thing overuse of yellow can make the child feel irritated and angry. It’s better to consult a good paint contractor.  



Ask your paint contractor to paint your child’s room with orange. Orange is bright and beautiful. This happy color brings out the positive side of a child. It enhances their communication skill and makes them socialize more. This positive color makes a child more cooperative and confident. But too much orange is unhealthy. It may overwhelm them. Try pairing up orange with green, lavender and neutral color.



Give your child’s room a freshness of nature. This soothing color helps children to concentrate. Some studies show green may increase reading ability. A green colored room is a perfect place to study. Our paint company recommends use mint green for a refreshing home painting. But like any other colors don’t use too much green as this can depress a child.  



Like pink, purple is also considered a color for girls’ room. The color stimulates thought and sensitivity. But if you have a sensitive child then it’s better to use this color as an accent. Combine this color with green or pink.   


Our paint company will guide you to decorate your child’s room. Contact our paint contractor. 123 Home Paints is in Kolkata, and we provide service in West Bengal. Call our Rong Number 8336979516/8336979514.

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