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Unusual Colors for Exterior Home Painting

Unusual Colors for Exterior Home Painting


Some months ago we got a contract to paint one of our clients house. When we ask them which color they want for their exterior, without a second thought, he says a combination of cream and brown. When it comes to exterior painting most people choose the common colors like white, cream, beige or brown. Actually, most of them prefer a safe option. But why choose these cliché colors when you have so many color options? Experiment is fun if you give contract to an experienced paint contractor.

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Youthful Yellow

Many fear to experiment with this bright color. But yellow fits perfectly in your exterior painting. Shades of yellow give your home’s outer walls an attractive look. This bright color surely turns many eyeballs towards your house. If you have space in front of your house then use plants, flowers as your accessories. It also feels good when you come back from work and first see the cheerful color.


Ravishing Red

Don’t be shocked. Bold red color can be your exterior shade. It really looks attractive and surely gives you compliment. But team up red with white for a brilliant look. Paint your window and door frames white and keep your exterior wall red. Red and white compliment each other and make your home painting look really amazing. But before painting your house with red you need an expert paint contractor s advice.


Go Green

If you like natural look then why not paint your exterior green! This directly connects with nature. It soothes your eyes and mind. If you don t have space in front of your home for a garden then our paint company suggests planting trees on pot and hang creepers from your balcony. This completes your natural home painting look. Green gives positivity and freshens up your mood.


Passionate Purple

People stay away from this color, but purple is elegant. But purple may look too loud. Our paint company suggests using gray undertones with this color. It makes your home stand out from others. Consult your paint contractor.


Majestic Mint

If you like pastel shades then choose mint. Mint is soft yet gracious. It brings a fresh charm to your home painting. Not everyone applies mint, so if you pick this color, then it definitely makes your home look different from others.


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