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Design Home with Minimalist Décor

Design Home with Minimalist Décor


It is said that less is more. If we follow the rule then everything will be perfect and this rule is applicable for everything even for home painting. Minimalist décor ideas add style and glamour to your home. You don’t need heavy décor, art pieces, dark colors for your home painting.  Simple things do magic. You need an expert paint contractor who can suggest you what elements make your home look amazing.

Give your home a minimalist look is not easy. Apply our paint company’s tips


Keep It Simple

The basic funda is to keep everything simple. Tone down everything, even your décor quantity. A room full of art pieces doesn’t look appealing. It’s better to use minimal décor. This gives relief to the eyes.


Neutrals Do Magic

Bright colors look good in a big space but these colors also make the room look visually busy. Neutrals are calm and sophisticated. These hues also give a minimalist look to your home. If you think the neutral look is too simple then mix up the hues of different tones of neutrals. Call our paint contractor for the suggestion.


No More Extra

This is the essential step to keep your home simple. Display only that furniture which is necessary. Sometimes we keep everything that we love, but we forget everything creates clutter. Our paint company suggests the use of furniture that can be used as double storage.  It saves your space and keeps the space organized.


Interesting Texture

If you want to make your wall look interesting, use texture. Neutral color with texture creates a layer. It will make the space less monotonous and makes an appeal. There are various textures to choose from. Call our paint contractor to know more.


White Space

If you go for a minimalist look then our paint company proposes keeping white space. It is an essential step. Blank spaces can be very impactful. Those white spaces create a breathing room. It makes your minimal decors stand out.   


Welcome Nature

Give nature a space in your home. Floral and greenery bring style to your home and home painting. Make green plants a part of your home painting and style. You can use fresh flowers which keep the freshness and also look amazing. Nature adds fresh air and creates a pleasant ambiance.


Style your home with our paint company. Get professional home painting from our paint contractor. Meet our experts at our Kolkata office. 123 Home Paints is in your service in West Bengal. Dial our Rong Number 8336979516/8336979514.


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