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Shades of Blue for Your Home Painting

Shades of Blue for Your Home Painting


Colors are an important part of our life. It affects our mood and our living. Choosing a color is not easy. So, why not pick a color that is popular and trendy for home painting. Blue is one of the most popular colors as it associates with tranquility, calmness, and peace. There are many shades of blue that perfectly fits with your home. Call your paint contractor and choose the right blue shade for your home.

Our paint company gives some tips on different blue shades


Turquoise Blue

This color is a combination of green and blue. Both colors are associated with nature. Blue is the color of seas and sky. Green is associated with vegetable and trees. So turquoise is the best example of peace and tranquility. It creates an environment that will generate freshness in your home.


Denim Blue

It looks stylish. Our paint company suggests combining the color with off-white. Blue and off-white, this combination works well in the bedroom. These two colors add an extra dimension to your home painting. For your kids’ room, you can add more vibrancy. Paint little one’s room with bright yellow and give a touch of denim blue.


Bottle Blue

It looks best in your living. But bottle blue may look too dark. So the best solution is to mix and match this color with some neutral like black. When bottle blue paired with black it creates a drama. In fact, when applying on the wall it looks like a texture. Make the color classy and elegant with blue and black. Consult with your paint contractor and know if it suits your living room.


Teal Blue

If you like drama then teal blue is perfect for you. Teal is light and fresh. But it looks good with other bright colors like green, crimson or citrus green. Make it an interesting combo and apply this on your living room. Call an expert paint contractor and make your home painting look beautiful.


Warm Blue

Try warm blue in your bedroom. This is a place where we rest after a tiring day. So a calming color like warm blue suits perfectly in your bedroom. Experiment this light shade with some bright color accessories. That makes the room look more appealing.


All Blue

You can paint your room in all blue. That doesn’t look monotonous. Select the light or dark shade of blue. Mix it with some warm accents. An orange cushion or a red bed cover looks great.        


Paint your home with your favorite shade of blue. Call our efficient paint contractor for expert finished home painting. Get home painting solution from our paint company. 123 Home Paints is in West Bengal. Our paint company’s main office is in Kolkata. Call our Rong Number 8336979516/8336979514.

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