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Living Room Decorating Ideas

Living Room Decorating Ideas


A beautiful living room is everyone’s aspiration. When guests come for a visit, they sit in the living room. So it has to be inspiring and beautiful that attracts your visitors. This is the place where you spend most of the times. It should be inspiring, motivating and attractive. So turn this place into an awesome area.

But decorating a living room is difficult. When choosing color or decorations for your living it’s best to consult with your paint contractor for a better result.

Our paint company gives you tips to decorate your living room.


Fresh Paint

Paint your walls with fresh colors. New colors refresh your mind and give your living a perfect makeover. Ask your paint contractor to color the living with bright hues. New colors totally transform the look of your living.


Add a Touch of Pastel

You don’t need to paint your living room bright always. Light soft colors recreate a calming ambiance. Give your living room a sophisticated touch with pastels. It gives an elegant vibe that is overwhelming. Our paint company recommends painting your living with lilac, peach or mint green.


Paint It Monochrome

Our paint company suggests trying monochrome. Create a statement home painting by using a monochrome scheme. If you apply yellow as the main color then use different hues of the same color in furniture or other accessories. It doesn’t look boring rather the monochrome scheme gives a twist to your home painting.


Create Contrast

The best idea to decorate your living is to create a contrast. Paint wall with a soothing or neutral color. Use contrasting color furniture and accessories. You can add wall texture, designer finishes to make walls look more dramatic and awesome. Ask your paint contractor which color contrast suites your home.


Add Décor

Add minimalist décor to make your living more beautiful. Keep a statement piece on the shelf or some simple yet elegant accessory on the wall. These little things add visual interest and beauty.  



Living room lighting should be welcoming and relaxing. Install lighting strategically. Set up lights that are attached to the wall or hung from the ceiling.


Call an expert paint contractor for efficient home painting. Our paint company guides you on how to decorate your living and which color you should choose. 123 Home Paints’ head office is in Kolkata. We are in your service in West Bengal. Get home painting solution, call Rong Number 8336979516 or 8336979514.

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