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Decorate Walls With Polka Dots

Decorate Walls With Polka Dots


Some months ago when our paint company got a contract for home painting, the members of the house gave their opinions which color suits their rooms. But somehow the little girl of the family did not like any of the ideas. She wanted to give her room a different look. Then our paint contractor suggested decorating her walls with polka dots. She was not sure about the idea but wanted to give it a try. After finishing the job everyone loved the look. Polka dots are cute and beautiful. You can experiment with the dots and give your home painting a striking look.

There are different polka dot designs. Our paint company gives you some tips


Colorful polka dots

Create a color palette and put colors on the dots. Use a light color for the wall. You can design your wall with small and big dots. Make the dots your frame and put different photos on each dot. This look will surely impress everyone.


Grouped Polka Dots

4-5 polka dots are together and they make a group. This style is perfect for a child’s room. Our paint contractor used this style for the child’s room, we mentioned at the starting of the article. But don’t design the entire wall with this same style to avoid a cluttered look. Design one wall with polka dots with a light background color. Keep the other walls in the same color as the background.


Metallic Polka Dots

Give polka dots some glamour. Metallic dots look different and give your home painting a touch of sophistication. Metallic dots generally are in golden color and it gives a chic look.


Extra Large Polka Dots

If you think polka dots mean small round shape then it’s a wrong concept. Create a statement with big dots. Use contrasting colors for the dots and the wall. If you want to paint the dots with light color then keep the wall dark or vice versa. If you want to paint the dots and walls with the same color then highlight the dots with high gloss paint. Actually, there are many possibilities to experiment with these dots. Ask your paint contractor which style suits your room. 



Polka dots can be used also on your accessories. You can use your bed sheet with dots or a sofa which has polka design. Tea set, night lamp, curtains, table accessories or pillows, add polka dots to your accessories and add elegance to your home. Get advice from our paint company how to use polka design in your home.


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