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Decorate Walls With Stripes

Decorate Walls With Stripes


How to differentiate our home painting with others? Whenever this question comes to our mind we think many creative ideas. Each member of the family thinks different ideas. But do you know simple straight lines can make your home painting look just awesome? Yes, you get it right. Our paint company is talking about stripes in this article. An expert paint contractor can make stripes into designs.

So, let’s check how to decorate home with simple stripes


Horizontal Stripes

It is very easy to paint. This style is perfect for small rooms as these make a room look bigger. You can style your room with ready-made wallpaper or just recreate the design with paint colors. Just ask your paint contractor which would be great. It’s best to keep the stripes between five and ten inches wide.


Just One Stripe

Our paint company suggests trying this one. One wide and bold stripe can change the look of your home painting. Just one big horizontal style creates a statement.


Vertical Stripes

These types of stripe create an illusion of a higher ceiling. Vertical stripes are perfect for small rooms. Our paint company gives you a tip, when using white lines make it wide as white horizontal stripes create the most impact but for the vertical stripes keep it thin.


Metallic Stripes  

Add glamour to your home painting. Metallic stripes just change the look of your room. The shine creates a glow factor which will impress your guests.


Wooden Stripes

What about using wood in a different way. Paint your wall with a dark shade then layering the wall with sliced wooden boards. Your dark shaded wall works as a background. Just ask your paint contractor to place the wooden slice over it.



Do you prefer a soft texture on your wall? Then paint stripes with a tone-on-tone color scheme. Use different shades of the same color and apply the colors on your wall as stripes. It gives a textured look and a different style.


Colorful Stripes

Give your home painting a bright and colorful touch. Don’t use too much furniture or accessories; keep it simple. Use light or neutral color for the other three walls and apply multicolor horizontal stripes on your accent wall.


Pastel Stripes

Soft and light colors also add impact. Try pastel shades for a pretty look. These calming colors not only admire the visitors but also you.


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