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Common Exterior Paint Problems and Solutions

Common Exterior Paint Problems and Solutions


Maintaining a house is a tough job. Home painting does not only mean painting walls it also includes maintaining a house. Paint disguises the faults but repairing is also important. Cracking, flaking, blistering, yellowing makes a home looks dull. No matter how many coats you apply some days later the same problem arises. So, it’s important to hire an expert paint contractor.

Many don’t know what the reasons behind those disputes are. Our paint company gives you some tips to overcome these problems



Using lower quality paint that has inadequate adhesion and flexibility can cause cracking. Inadequate surface preparation is another reason. If your paint contractor applying paint to bare wood without using primer then there would be a possibility of cracking.



Use a scraper or wire brush to remove the flaking paint. Sanding the surface and repaint it. Our paint company suggests using a good primer.



It’s a fungus that grows on the paint film. Generally, it forms because of damp where the places get little or no sunlight. If your paint contractor uses lower quality acrylic paint or oil-based paint then mildew can attack your wall.



Remove mildew by using a scrubber and a diluted household bleach solution. Use a good acrylic paint to fight against mildew.



Heat from stock, radiation, low light is the reason behind yellowing. Oxidation of oil-based paint or varnish is another reason.



Use top-quality acrylic paint or non-yellowing varnish tends not to yellow.



Small or medium-sized bubbles are seen under the paint film. This can be happened because of applying paint on a hot surfaced wall or in direct sunlight. Damp wall or very high humidity can be the reason of blistering.



Scrub the surface to get rid of blistering. Make sure to apply paint in non-direct sunlight or in non-humid conditions. Don’t forget to use high-quality latex paint. Our paint company recommends its best if the room has proper ventilation.


Peeling Paint

It’s a common paint problem that can be caused by moisture or poor adhesion. Paint is separating from an earlier paint layer. If the wall was not cleaned properly before the paint application then the problem may arise. If the oil-based paint was applied over a wet wall then paint can be peeled. Another reason for peeling paint is due to moisture. When moisture has infiltrated behind paint film then the paint has started peeling.



Scrape away the peeling paint. Repaint with high-quality latex paint.


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