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Guidelines to Follow Before Painting Home

Guidelines to Follow Before Painting Home


Paint home is not an easy job. It takes much energy and time. But who doesn’t want to color their boring white walls? Colors give a dramatic look to your walls. To paint walls, it takes much efforts but home painting is also fun if you remember some things before paint your home. Our paint contractors do their job so easily keeping in mind some rules and they enjoy it.

We share some normal but very important points which our painters follow and it will also help you if you want to paint your home of your own.

Things to remember


Take Preparation

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Painting is easy if no obstacles come in your way. Before starting painting your walls the first thing is to cover your furniture or keep them aside. This gives the painter adequate space to freely color the walls.

Also, it is necessary to remove dirt, oil from the wall before paint them. Take out the dirt before painting will allow the color stick on the wall. If the walls have holes or crack, it is important to fill up the holes.


Check the Sample

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Prior to the paint, you should always check the sample. After choosing a color, it is really difficult to decide whether it looks good on your wall because light plays an important role. So, at first, check the sample color. Paint a portion of wall with the sample, allow it to dry and then check the color in both daylight and night. If you are not sure about the color, purchase a few colors and apply them.

It may happen after looking at the wall you will be surprised to see that the color you liked the most from the swatch looks awful on your wall.


Finishing is also important

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The color is important but the finishing, the shine is also vital. High gloss paint looks good. It is also durable and washable. But it highlights the flaws. The flat paint is on the other side hides those imperfections but it’s prone to damage.

Eggshell finish is the best option. It is less shiny and does not highlight the imperfections. At the same time it is not easily damaged like the flat paint.


Priming is an important step

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After filling the gaps priming is more important. It hides the damaged marks. Priming also reduces the paint use. Like if you priming your walls you may need to give one coat but if you don’t use primer it is necessary to use two coats. So, primer not only saves the wall but it also saves paint color.


Do not compromise with the quality

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Quality says it all. Never compromise with the quality. No matter how beautiful the color you choose if the quality is not good then the color will fade some days later. Always buy quality primer and paint and don’t forget to check the warranty.


Invest in right tools