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Colors That Boost Your Home’s Mood

Colors That Boost Your Home’s Mood


A house is not only made with four walls and a ceiling but every person, every moment, every emotion adds life to a house and makes it a home. Your home too has a life. Wall colors influence a lot. Shabby walls itself looks boring. Dull colors automatically down our mood. Like us, our home also needs some positive energy. To cheer up our home what could be the best option than home painting. An efficient paint contractor gives you an ideal color suggestion for your home painting.


Maybe it’s the time to give your home a happy makeover. Our paint company proposes some. Let’s check out



Home painted with blue attracts people. Light blue or pale blue is related to serenity. Our paint company advises using this color on your front door. Painting front door is a cool idea and it is very appealing. You can apply blue also in the kitchen. Combine it with gray for a sophisticated touch.



Neutral colors always give a refreshing feel. Not only you but also your home feels fresh. Ask your paint contractor to paint your living with taupe. So, whenever you come to your home, it soothes your eyes and calms down your mind.



This bright color signifies love and passion. Red is perfect for living room. The warmth of this color makes your living cozy and comfortable. But don’t use red on four walls. Talk to your paint contractor how to incorporate this color perfectly.



Make your home painting lively with yellow. This color has the power to cheer up any space of your home. Paint your living yellow so that whenever you feel gloomy, the color makes you happy. If, you want to use it in your bedroom then make it accent otherwise the color looks too loud.



Like yellow, orange is also a cheerful color. But when used you have to balance this color with some light color. It’s best to use it as an accent. Don’t paint it on all four walls instead of paint it on your accent wall. 



Our paint company proposes to choose pink for freshness. Light pink or pastel pink gives a soft touch to your home painting. Light pink is refreshing and peaceful. Apply it on your bedroom wall.



The color relates to nature. Green is soothing, and it bests suits to the room where people take rest after a tiresome long day.  You can use bottle-green too for your bedroom but as an accent color.


Make your home happy and cheerful with our paint company. 123 Home Paints is at your service in West Bengal. Meet our expert paint contractor for any home painting suggestion. Our office is in Kolkata. Call our Rong Number 8336979516 or 8336979514. 


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