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Unexpected Color Combos for Your Home

Unexpected Color Combos for Your Home


People are very cautious when they choose a color. Many prefer a safe option for their home painting. When clients give contact to our paint company, they opt for common color combos. They are afraid to experiment with their home painting. But experimenting with colors is cool, you just need to know which combos look good on your wall and what colors are great for your home painting. For that, you can talk to your paint contractor.

Our paint company suggests some unexpected colors which look great if you combine and apply it on your wall.


Yellow and Black

This combination may not be used widely but if used properly this combo looks amazing. Use black as an accent color. Paint other walls with neutral colors. Keep your accessories yellow like curtains, pillow cover, or wall art. Take a suggestion from your paint contractor.


Blue and Orange

This combination is perfect to create a contrast. But it’s better to use this combination in your living room. Our paint company suggests don’t use this combination if your room is not too big. If, you are using dark blue then apply it to a room which receives more sunlight. An orange sofa or other accessories with this color can change the look of your home painting.


Red and Aqua

This is not so popular combination. Generally, people avoid these two colors together. But if you incorporate these two colors smartly then it gives a beautiful look. Keep your walls aqua and white. A red sofa or a red wall piece adds drama to your room.


Purple and Red

Purple is luxurious. It makes a room look outstanding. Add a touch of red and the combination will definitely impress anyone. You can paint your room purple with a neutral color. A red sofa or a red accessory makes your home painting elegant.  


Navy Blue and Coral

Light shade is perfect for a bedroom. It gives a calm and cozy feel. Add some contrast. Spice up your home painting with a touch of navy blue. Your paint contractor will definitely suggest you how to incorporate these two colors perfectly.


Purple and Gray

If you want a contrast, paint your room with bright purple and light gray. Neutral always gives a sophisticated look and a pop of purple attracts anyone.


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