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Paint Colors for Dark Rooms

Paint Colors for Dark Rooms


Choosing a color is tough. Especially for the corner or the room which receives less light. Many opt for bright white. But the color sometimes doesn’t open up space. Our paint company recommends warm tones as it is best for dark rooms. Choose middle tones. Don’t go for dark shades as it makes the room darker. Too light tones make a space look flat. But for your hallway, choose light to medium neutral as bright colors make them look narrower. Your paint contractor advice you best which tone you should use for your room. 

Our paint company suggests you the ideal tones for the dark rooms



The color works best for any space. Bring brightness to your home painting with this warm tone. You can combine it with pastels or neutral colors. The advantage of using lavender is it has many shades. Talk to your paint contractor and choose a tone which suits your room.



It’s a joyous color. Yellow is perfect for the room which receives low sunlight. Cheerful yellow looks brighter with enough artificial light. It looks good with white accents. Bright yellow adds warmth to a room and makes home painting beautiful.


Pale Yellow

Like bright yellow, pale yellow also works well on dark rooms. The advantage of using this color is it never goes overboard. Pair it with white. Together both colors give a classic look.


Chocolate Brown

If you want to use dark shade for your room then our paint company suggests you use chocolate brown. The color doesn’t make the room look smaller like other dark shades. Chocolate brown is warm and inviting. It makes your room look cozy. For a perfect balance combine it with light shade or neutral. Use white artworks or light color accent. The color relieves your eyes.


Powder Blue

Light blue or powder blue can lighten up any corner of your home. This beautiful color adds a remarkable effect to your home painting. It looks great with white. You can combine it with cherry red or lime green.


Lime Green

You can use it as an accent color. It energizes the ambiance. You can paint the color on your entire wall. Depends on how it looks, consult with your paint contractor. The bright color cheers up your room.



This neutral color is timeless, it’s a classic shade. Gray definitely looks well in a dark room. You can also use this color in a room which gets enough sunlight.


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