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Home Painting Rules and Decoration

Home Painting Rules and Decoration


Home decoration and color interrelated with each other. You can’t just decorate your home whatever you want and ignoring home colors. Don’t just randomly decorate home. Before picking up color and go to furniture shopping you should know some rules. You need to know the balance between colors. Your paint contractor can help you with the color and decoration ideas.

Our paint company gives you tips on how to decorate home, keeping in mind home color.


60-30-10 Rule

It is the golden rule, if maintained properly, this can do wonder to any room. Most paint contractors try to follow this rule for a perfect home painting. According to this rule, 60% of the room should consist of the wall, floor, large furniture, and the dominant color. 30% should be used for the accent color, trim, accent furniture, and textiles. 10% is for décor, small pieces, artworks which add splendor to a room. There’s not a decree that you always have to stick with the rule, but the slightest idea of this 60-30-10 rule gives a proper sense of decoration idea.

Furniture shopping is easy if you just remember this rule. It will never go wrong.


Monochromatic Shades

To give your home painting a soothing effect, use monochromatic shades. Apply three shades of THE same color using the 60-30-10 rule. Your paint contractor knows best how to balance the tones. If the rule applying properly, then it makes your home painting look amazing.


Color Wheel

When deciding to paint your homes always check a color wheel. It helps to understand which color goes best with your room and furniture. Generally, a color wheel has 12 primary colors, but that doesn’t mean you have to pick a specified color. You can mix and match and create your own color. Take help from the paint company and give your home painting a touch of excellence.


Blue and White

Together, these two colors can do wonders. The duo never goes out of style. Blue and white look good in a living room. This gives a casual yet polished look. Consult our paint company how to combine and apply both colors.


Colors have temperature

When you enter a yellow or red room it gives a warm feeling. On the other side blue, green and gray gives a cool sensation. So if your room is in a colder part of your house then give your home painting some warm touch. Color your walls with yellow or golden orange. Similarly, if your room gets enough sunlight, then cool down your room with shades of blue or green.


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