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Avoid These Bold Color Painting Mistakes

Avoid These Bold Color Painting Mistakes


Bright and bold colors add glamour to a room. It brightens up the room and adds awesomeness to your home painting. But choosing an ideal bold color for your home is really difficult. After applying on the wall, if the color doesn’t look good on your wall, then all your effort and money will be wasted. Our paint company meets several clients who want to experiment with bold colors, but sometimes that color doesn’t go well with their room or home. So while choosing a bold color always take a suggestion from your paint contractor.

There are some common mistakes while painting a room with bold color. Our paint company tells what are those common mistakes


Choosing color without sampling

People often make this mistake. They choose bold or dark colors for home painting without testing. One must check the color in sunlight. Always apply at least two or three hues before choosing the best color for that wall.


Too much is a spoiler

One single bright color creates a beautiful effect in your room. It adds elegance. But too many bright and bold hues can prove to be a disaster. Always ask your paint contractor before choosing so much color for your room.

Don’t give attention to other accessories

When painting on the wall people only gives attention to the wall and forget other materials present in the room. These accessories, interact with the color of your room. Your furniture, pillow cover, wall decor all matter when selecting a color. So it’s a smart decision before picking a bold color you must talk to your paint contractor. 


Don’t use Accent Color for Balance

Balance is everything in home painting. Our paint company recommends when using bold color for your wall don’t forget to balance it with an accent. Use a complementary color so that the bright shade doesn’t look too dominant. If you paint your wall with bright orange, then balance it with teal color.


Not using right white color for trim

White has many shades. So use a proper shade with bold colors. Like if you use warm color, then white with yellow undertone looks good on your wall. But for the cool colors use white with cool undertones.


Not giving your eye a place to rest

Colorful places sometimes look too loud. So our eyes need a relief place. Make sure to leave some space. You can use accessories in neutral colors.


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