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Faux Painting Techniques

Faux Painting Techniques


Faux means fake or copy. But that’s not meant every faux thing is low-grade compared to the original. When it comes to faux painting then it’s very tricky. If the technique used properly then it can make a wall look amazing, but if it goes wrong then this can be a disaster. Actually, faux painting means decorative paint finish and it replicates the look of other materials like marble, sponge, stone. To give your home painting a faux effect you must talk to your paint contractor.

There are some common techniques which can give your wall a creative touch with faux painting.



It’s the most common faux painting technique. Dip a dry sponge into the paint and gently apply it on the wall. It looks good if you create multiple layers with it. Our paint company recommends using different shades of the same color that makes sponging great on your home painting.    


Color Washing

If you like to give your home painting an old world charm then you should choose color washing. The technique is very simple. Just apply a thin, transparent shiny finish on a base color and then use feathery brush strokes to create a smooth and soft texture.



This is not so simple, but after the finish, the marble look on your wall is just mesmerizing. It is a process of layering tinted glazes over a base coat which gives a real marble effect. Obviously, the technique takes a lot of time and effort. So appoint a good paint contractor who can do this job perfectly.



It’s a widely used technique. Take help from your paint company and choose a stencil design, then apply a painter’s tape on your wall. Apply paint with a stencil brush and remove the tape when the paint is still wet.   



This technique gives a textured look. But it needs an efficient paint contractor. A long bristled dragging brush is required to give a perfect dragging effect. Then at a low angle pull the brush downwards or across the painted surface. The long, smooth strokes give a horizontal or vertical textured finish.


Rag rolling

Give your wall a rich look with the rag rolling technique. Use a crumpled rag and roll it down the painted wall or glaze. For a more dramatic effect, our paint company suggests to add paint or glaze on the rag and then roll it on the wall. Rag rolling definitely gives your home painting a subtle or dramatic look. 


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