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Forget The Myths - Paint Your Home Unconventionally

Forget The Myths - Paint Your Home Unconventionally


We have many conventional theories regarding home painting and we follow them blindly. Before painting house our clients take suggestions from us. But many of them have a very relevant question that is it necessary to paint the ceiling color always white! To answer this question we tell them it’s just a myth, if you don’t want you don’t need to color your ceiling white. 

People have many color myths which they follow before painting their homes. But it needs to be stopped.

So what are those myths?


Ceiling color must be white

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People have a conception if the color on ceiling is white it opens up their room. We can’t deny that in the color spectrum only white has the power to reflect light better than any other colors. But that’s not mean you have to paint your ceilings completely white. If you add some other colors with white, it in fact draws attention and looks attractive. Also you can create an interesting pattern. When someone enters, they first look at the ceiling and it makes room more appealing and beautiful.


Small rooms should be in white or neutral colors

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To make it look bigger people have a conception that small rooms should paint in white or pale colors. But no, this is not really necessary. A room is a personal space and sometimes we want to look it small, cozy and inviting. You can choose bright or bold colors if you feel so.


Different colors for different rooms

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If you think paint different rooms with different colors looks really nice and it actually showcases your individuality then you are wrong. Suppose you have four rooms and in every room it has different colors then sometimes when you take a tour in your home the various colors look jarring in your eyes. To show your individuality it doesn’t need to paint rooms with different colors.


Monochromatic colors can’t create a comfortable feeling

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Use only black and white can be really loud but if you choose monochromatic color wisely then it doesn’t look jarring. You can try monochromatic colors with some patterns. Don’t design your home in a combination of dark walls and dark furniture. You can use a portion of white to give an interesting look.


Primer is necessary