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Choose Your Exterior Color Combos

Choose Your Exterior Color Combos


Home painting also includes exterior color and painting your exterior is as important as painting your interior. Whoever comes to your home they first notice your exterior. No matter how beautiful the color of your rooms if the outside walls are dull and boring then it gives a negative impact. So the color has to be impressive and you must talk to your paint contractor. But picking up the right color for the outside wall is difficult as many things depend on your exterior color. Not also look and quality but your choice and personality also reflect on your exterior paint color.

Our paint company suggests some best color combos for your exterior


Gray and Blue

If you want to use neutral for your exterior then choose gray. Gray gives a sophisticated look and it looks good with blue. Our paint company recommends for sky or sea blue. Neutral and blue complements each other and these two make your exterior painting more attractive.


Red and Black

Red is classic and black is gorgeous. The duo makes anything out of the world. You may think black is not really a color for exterior but a little black makes home painting outstanding. Paint your wall color red and trims white. Keep the door and shutters black.


Black and White

This is a classic combo. Black and white looks always good whenever using together. This creates a dramatic look at any house and makes your home painting wonderful. But you have to consult your paint contractor on how to pair this two as exterior colors.


Yellow and Blue

Some may think yellow and blue together are too bold for the exterior. So use aqua blue. When you paint your outdoor wall with these two colors, it actually looks nice and definitely charms your guests.


Brown and Sand

If you don’t like gray then our paint company advises to use sand color as a neutral. Combine it with brown and see the wonder. The dark and light shades complement each other and give a strong impression which attracts your guests.


Turquoise and White

Turquoise is a bright color. So if you think it’s too bold for your exterior talk to your paint contractor and then tone down the color with white. White with turquoise creates a charming look.


Cream and Yellow

Yellow is bright and energetic. It gives a feel-good feeling whenever someone comes to your home. Combine it with cream and you can see the difference how beautiful and different your home painting looks.


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