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How to Choose Interior Paint Color

How to Choose Interior Paint Color


Before you start painting your home the most confusing part is to choose a perfect color for your home. Most of us get confused which color or shade looks good on the wall. Sometimes we pick a color which after application makes your home painting too dull or too loud. Choosing a color wisely is a very important part before starting home painting. You must consult your paint contractor to know what color best for your home.

Our paint company gives you some tips to choose the best interior color for your home.


Your favorite color

Start from what you love.  Use your favorite color as a base color. Create your new color palette based on your favorite color. After picking up the color our paint company will definitely guide you how to make a color scheme.



Before applying paint on your wall you must sample the color. Our paint company always recommends to sampling first. Remember it is the most important step because sometimes the color you choose before, after application it looks different. So select a color then tell your paint contractor to apply it on a wall then decide whether you paint your wall with this color or not.


Get creative with neutrals

Just because you choose neutral, it doesn’t mean you can’t experiment anything interesting with neutrals. Neutrals are not boring. Play with the colors. Paint neutral stripes on your wall. It adds style to your home painting and at the same time, the look keeps the room relaxed. You can paint the ceiling with pastel shade. Pastel with neutral creates a soothing effect.


Choose a paint color from fabrics

Choose a color from your fabric print. This sounds strange. But it is the easiest way to select a color for your home. Get amazing color scheme ideas from your linen, pillow cover or table cover. Pick the bold colors for your accent wall and choose a subtle shade for the larger space. It surely makes your home painting amazing.


Lighter or Darker shades

Pick a lighter or darker shade of the same color. It creates a delightful ambiance. Select the color of your choice and customize the percentage of two or three shades of the same color. Take help from your paint contractor.


For any query just call our paint company. Consult our paint contractor for professional home painting. 123 Home Paints is in West Bengal for your service. Ring our Rong Number 8336979516 or 8336979514.

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