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Pastel Colors for Your Home

Pastel Colors for Your Home


Want to give your house a different makeover? Choose pastel shades for your home painting. Now pastels are very much in the trend. These soft soothing colors can add simplicity to any room. Pastel colors change a room’s ambiance instantly and add a glow to any room. These colors are an ideal choice if you like simplicity. Paint the walls with pastel colors and combine it with bolder shades of same color family.  Pastel shades make home painting more soothing and beautiful.

Our paint company gives you some tips on how to apply pastel shades


Soothing Bedroom

The bedroom is your personal space. Use pastel pink for the soothing effect. The color is lively but soft. It makes your master bedroom a perfect place to rest.


Comfortable Living

For the living room, pastel colors suit best. Colors like light blue, subtle yellow look good on your living room wall. Consult your paint contractor and choose a shade for your living.


Pastel with White

Combine pastels with white color. White helps to highlight pastel shades. It creates a soft glow. Make the white wall your accent and decorate it with some art pieces. Contact our paint company to know more about pastel colors.


Pastel with Bright Colors

Give a contrast to your home painting. Paint home with pastel colors and combine it with neon colors. It adds another dimension to your room. Like, color your living with pastel blue and highlight it with bright neon such as orange or lime green. Paint your walls with pastel shades and keep cushions, art pieces or decors neon. Neon colors highlight your pastel walls.


Keep it subtle

Our paint company recommends keeping your room subtle. Pastels don’t make the room look boring, in fact, a subtle look adds softness to your home painting. Combine pastel with gray. It creates a soothing contemporary look.


A monochromatic look

Create a refreshing and clean look by painting your room with a monochromatic hue. Choose a pastel color and use the same shade in all the walls and accessories. This unified look creates a powerful statement. Ask your paint contractor how to use pastel as a monochromatic look.      


Geometric Pastels

Make your home painting more beautiful. You can try a geometric pattern with pastels shades, consult your paint contractor. The contrast between graphic lines and soft pastel looks can transform any room into a beautiful place. It gives a modern feel.


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