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Festive Colors for Your Home

Festive Colors for Your Home


Here comes the festive month. Puja is around the corner. People give their room a festive makeover before Puja. The biggest part of decoration is home painting. Recently our paint company color one of our clients home in Kolkata and he is happy to see the change of his home after paint.


Colors can lift someone’s mood instantly. Colors add a magical touch to your home painting. But not all colors are festive colors. Festive colors fill joy at your home and make everyone happy. Go for bright colors that bring vibrancy to your home painting. Choose a color and leave the rest to your paint contractor.



You can blindly trust blue as a festive color. Blue can be easily incorporated into your home painting. You can combine it with white. These two create a splendid effect which everyone can enjoy. Consult our paint company which shade of blue goes with your room.



If you don’t like bright blue use a lighter shade. Choose indigo. The color is rich and at the same time warm. Indigo is very comforting. In fact, it’s the best color for your bedroom. If you have doubt ask your paint contractor.



Yellow is perfect as a festive color and it’s a happy color for your home painting. It is cheerful and uplifting. This gorgeous hue boosts your mood anytime.



Violet is luxurious yet playful. This stylish color easily turns things around. Experiment with this color and make your home look fabulous in this festive season. Take a suggestion from your paint contractor.



This lively color makes your home a happier place. Whenever your guests come, they feel alive and fresh. The color surely impresses anyone. Trust our paint company, this color never goes wrong.



Red is bold. So paint this color on a whole wall sometimes look too much. Instead, you can use it as a combination color. Use it as accent. A splash of red does the wonder. It can make a large space feel more intimate and small space look more interesting. Consult your paint contractor how to use red with some other color.



Orange is playful. It stimulates activity. It adds a feeling of coziness and warmth. The brighter shade of orange creates a cheerful ambiance. It makes home painting more interesting.


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