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Home Painting Service in Kolkata

Home Painting Service in Kolkata


“Home is where our hearts are.!: 

“Home is not just a place, it’s an emotion.”

“No matter where ever you go in the world, we miss our homes and when you come to the home we feel complete, satisfied and very comfortable.”  These are the lines we talk when we have to talk about our home! It’s the most precious and important place for everyone which carries and will carry many memories.


We, Indians have a special connection with our homes. Every small occasion starts from our home. Every happiness and memory starts from here. This is a place to celebrate, live and enjoy every moment.

We decorate our home for every small occasion and invite guests and treat them well. It is very important that we maintain our homes very well to keep them beautiful, happy, welcoming and trendy.


Colorful home brings us the fresh festive environment and makes us feel joyful. Let us paint our home to make it feel colorful and welcome the festive season this year.


 Why should we paint our home?


Painting protects the walls and beautifies the world around you. It protects the home from dust and pollution, humidity and steam, rains and stains and grease.


Kolkata is a place of art, celebration and richness. The culture is such, makes anyIndian visit that place at least once in their lifetime. The Durga Pujo or Durgostab is considered as the most auspicious and important festival among the locals of the culture.


Houses in Kolkata has acceptance of art and trend. People decorate, renovate and paint their houses before the festive season begin. Here’s when people get stuck to find out the best of painting services for home. One must be very careful to select a painter to paint their house with art and dedication.   


One of the best painting companies in Kolkata is undoubtedly 123 Home paints which is in south Gariahat road. For best painters and best ideas about painting, 123 Home paints will provide the best painting services in Kolkata.


Of course, anyone would want to know the reason to go for 123 Home Paints. One main reason to take them in is they respect your home as theirs and give you proper suggestions about colors which suits your home and interiors. Apart from Home Paintings, they do interior paintings, external paintings, apartment paintings too.


An ideal wall paint should be so perfect and smooth that we forget that it’s a wall but some kind of colorful piece of art. Such walls need a lot of care and dedication while painting. Before they start painting. they first clean and equalizes the existing walls and take them to a particular shape and smoothen them by painting the first coat with primer. Primer will never be skipped by 123 Home Paints as it is the foundation for the wall and it increases the durability of the paint. Water-based paints like Emulsions that are used on walls and ceiling surfaces which dries fast (in 3 - 4 hours).


So hurry up and decorate your houses with 123 Home Paints and make your house a home. Contact 123 Home Paints here for more information and look here to see more of their works.


Happy Durgotsab Kolkata! May you celebrate every day with colorful homes and beautiful art from your culture.!!!

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