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Kitchen Cabinet Color Ideas

Kitchen Cabinet Color Ideas


The Kitchen is a part of your home painting and with that the kitchen cabinets. Our paint company observes when choosing colors for kitchen cabinets most of the people randomly choose some colors based on their choice. But one should choose colors which highlight the architectural details. Choose colors wisely which transform your kitchen into a beautiful place. Simple cabinets can bring change to your whole home painting.

Our paint company suggests you some amazing color ideas for your kitchen cabinets.


Dark Colors

Dark colors like navy blue, emerald-green and red really work for kitchen cabinets. But these dark colors look good at larger spaces. But if you have a small kitchen and you want to use these colors then our paint company suggests you balance it with white walls and light color combos.

Our paint company proposes to use a lighter shade on top and darker colors for the bottom cabinets.


Green and White

The vibrant green and pure white creates a contrasting look and makes you home painting amazing. Paint your cabinets green and keep the wall white. You can decorate your kitchen wall with a green combination. The paint contractor advises put some wall arts which are in green color.


Red and Green

Use these contrasting colors for your kitchen room. These colors highlight the details of your cabinets and this combination surely awestruck your guests.


Shades of Blue

Use darker and lighter shades of blue. You can believe this monochromatic scheme. It never goes wrong. Ask your paint contractor to choose the perfect blue shades for you. This combo compliments the stainless steel and wood appliances.   


Red and Black

Red is bold and black is classic. Together these colors add a touch of drama to your home painting. Your kitchen surely drags people attention instantly.


Neutral with a shade of color

If you like neutral color and at the same time you want to add a pop of color then choose citrus yellow or lime green. You can also use mint green, sky blue or emerald-green. If you want a sophisticated look use dark gray or navy blue. Ask your paint contractor which suits best.


Aqua and White

White is obviously great. It’s clean and clear. But the paint contractor advises too much white can blur the details. Combine white with aqua. This combination gives clarity to your home painting.


Bright Pink

If you want to spur up the shelves, use a bright hue such as bright pink or turquoise. So whenever you open the cabinets, the bright color brings a smile to your face.


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