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Slanted Ceiling Paint Color Ideas

Slanted Ceiling Paint Color Ideas


Every house has a different structure. Our paint company visited many houses where the house has slanted ceilings. It’s a very difficult part of a house to paint. Sloped ceilings need little more attention. Sometimes, it is tough for the clients to choose a particular color for this part. They ask us to choose a color for the slanted ceiling. It’s always best to consult your paint contractor before choosing colors.

Our paint company gives you some tips for your slanted ceiling which make home painting more beautiful.


Color same as walls

First, choose a color matching with the walls to create an illusion of height which adds a beautiful effect to home painting. It makes the ceiling look long and lean. Use light color to give a low sloped ceiling which creates a sense of height. Use a dark color for a cozy atmosphere. 


Color same as the ceiling

You can keep your slanted wall colors same as your ceiling. This blends the wall and ceiling very well. Take advice from your paint contractor. This technique highlights the other objects of the room like any picture or wall art.


Use the same color

Paint the entire room in the same color. It minimizes the division of walls, slopes and ceilings. In fact, it makes your room look calmer.


Black and White

Use this classic color combo to add a drama to your home painting. Keep the rest of the room in white and one wall in black. Make it an accent wall. Our paint company recommends you to add some wall pieces for an amazing look.


Don’t use too many colors

Your paint contractor will definitely tell this to do not use too many colors on your walls. This creates visual fragmentation. Tone-on-tone color is good for a small room. It creates a pleasing effect to home painting.


Use Wallpaper

If you want a different look use interesting wallpaper. Keep the other walls in a light color. If it’s done right then slanted wall rooms look playful.


Neutral Room

Paint the entire room including walls, slopes and ceiling with a neutral color. Use beige, white, gray or the shades of these colors. Ask your paint contractor which shade goes well with your room.


Don’t do

Never paint the ceiling and angled wall white and the walls in dark color. It looks like a clutter and makes your home painting awful.


Contact our paint company for more suggestions. 123 Home Paints is in West Bengal. Just call our Rong Number 8336979516 or 8336979514. 

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