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Give Every Corner of Your Home a Perfect Look

Give Every Corner of Your Home a Perfect Look


Your home has life and every corner of your house needs special attention. Not only the decoration but also color, in fact color plays an important role. For that you need to choose a right color for the right place. Many clients ask us what color is perfect for their bedroom, living room and other places. We advice them to keep in mind their house location, space and light. Every day we give suggestions to our clients present in Kolkata, Siliguri and Bhubaneswar.

So here are the tips

The Main Door

Credit: House Beautiful

First impression is a lasting impression. It’s the first thing people see when they come to your house. But we often forget to give it the special attention which our front door deserves. As it is the first thing people see, your front door needs welcoming colors.

If you choose bold colors then red, and for the jovial or cheerful mood the sunny colors like yellow or orange suit best. Choose bright colors for a refreshing mood. If you want to give your front door a calm shade then choose soothing shades of green or blue. Whatever colors you choose always remember it must give your visitor a warm welcome.

The Living Room

Credit: http://paintcolor.homedepot.com

This is a space for gatherings and this place should always cheer your mind. So no dull colors. For this space, choose colors which rejuvenate your mood. After a tiring day when you come back and sit with your family in the living room it should give you a fresh feeling.

You can choose bright orange, bright green, mint, soft pink, brown, light blue, light orange, ebony, purple, pea, turquoise or coral.

The Bed Room

Credit: Homedit

With just the right color you will fall asleep sooner and the next day when you’ll wake up you feel energized. Bedroom is a place for rest and relaxation, so choose soothing colors like the typical pastel colors pink, mauve, baby blue or lavender, icy blue, soft neutral green.

Generally, bold and bright colors aren’t used as these colors don’t create a relaxing mood. But your bedroom is also a personal space so if you like bold colors then it’s up to you which color you choose.

The Dining Room

Credit: olympic.com

Your dining room is a place where you dine and spend quality times with your family and friends. In this place ambience is very important. When you go to a restaurant the food, quality, and service fell an impact on you but another thing which is also important is the ambience.  The colors which you choose it depends on the ambience.

For a formal dining room use deep colors like red, brown, green which give a feeling of sophistication. For a casual dining room choose lighter colors that give a less formal or natural feeling.

The Kitchen