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Exterior Color Ideas

Exterior Color Ideas


Like your indoor, your exterior also needs a makeover. Perfect colors make a big change. An ordinary house can look extraordinary if using the right colors. Outsiders first see the exterior, so it has to be something different which felt an impact on people. Of course, you will consult your paint contractor to know how to make your home exterior wall unique than others. Make your home painting amazing that can impress others. So what are those colors which make the exterior look great!


Our paint company gives some ideas. Just check it out


Creamy White

Not pure white, use creamy white for a different look. Use a bright color for your trims. Ask your paint contractor which color looks best with creamy white. The advantage of using this color is it mixed well with other shades. 



Yellow is a happy color. This classic color makes everyone smile. It creates a cheerful ambiance. If you like you can use bright yellow but sometimes bright yellow looks too loud so tone it down. The color adds shine to your home painting.


Light blue

Our paint company gives you suggestion to try this cool shade. This fresh color looks good as an outdoor wall color. Combine it with a neutral shade. The fresh look of cool blue inspires people more.



If you want to paint your exterior with a neutral color then this natural color is the best choice. Combine it with a bright shade to give an interesting look to your home painting.



Not many are comfortable to add gray as their exterior home painting. But you can try dark gray. It doesn’t look bad if you apply it smartly. Just keep the trims in a light color, take advice from your paint contractor. Gray is mysterious but this color is also welcoming.


Chocolate Brown

This dark color is timeless but it’s not harsh like black. Choose this color to give your exterior a beautiful look. It gives a welcoming vibe. Our paint company proposes soft green and white look great with this color.


Sky Blue

Sky blue gives an effect of serenity. The color refreshes your mind and calms you down. It will also brighten up the house and makes your home painting amazing.



This natural green is perfect to make a statement. The green freshness soothes the eyes of your guests and makes a perfect impact.


Your dream home should deserve a perfect home painting and all that would be ruined if you don’t consult an experienced paint contractor. 123 Home Paints is in West Bengal. Contact our paint company for more suggestions. Just call our Rong Number 8336979516 or 8336979514. 

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