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Study Room Color Ideas

Study Room Color Ideas


Studying is not every student’s favorite job. Sometimes they lost their interest, sometimes they feel boredom. But books alone are not responsible. Blame to the dull boring walls also. An interesting color works like a wonder. Here, comes color psychology where certain colors affect teen’s moods. It makes your home painting amazing and your home painting will not complete without painting study room. Here’s our paint company’s solution to give your study room a brand new interesting look.




Blue is a cool and calming color. It’s best for study room as blue stimulates productivity. This color is ideal for a study room. But don’t use pale blue shades like sky. The best option is turquoise and azure. If your child has a favorite blue shade and it is dark, don’t use it on all four walls instead, use it as an accent. Contact your paint contractor to know how to use the color properly.




Use red in home painting. Red is bold and energizing. Beside that red is warm and stimulating. If your child has the habit of dozing off while studying then red is an ideal color. The color helps to boost energy. But if you think it’s too bold then use lighter shades of red. Try brick or maroon color. You can use red as an accent color. Ask your paint company for a color palette. Use wall accessories to keep balance.




It’s also a cool color which makes a room tranquil and lively. The right shade of green can brighten up the room and gives an energetic ambiance. Use fresh moss-green color for the study room. If you want an accent wall then a bright lime is great behind the study table. Consult your paint contractor which green suits your study room.




Yellow is an energizing color. So it’s a good option to use in a study room. There is a wide range of yellow shades to choose from. A bright yellow creates an energizing effect which helps students to concentrate. Make your home painting more beautiful with yellow.


Dark Gray


This color helps to concentrate, so it’s ideal for a study room. Gray also promotes creativity. This is great for thinking something creative, something unique. Gray has many shades. Choose from various tones of gray. Take advice from your paint company.


Olive Green


This muted tone has a soothing effect. Olive green promotes productivity and creativity. Choose from deeper and lighter shades of olive green which adds a drama to home painting. No matter what shade you like the effect will be the same. 




Purple symbolizes royalty and creativity. Darker purple shade is exciting but sometimes moody and lighter shades are calming and soothing. Your paint contractor definitely suggests which shade looks good on your wall.


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