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Living Room Color Ideas

Living Room Color Ideas


A living is a special room in your home. It’s a place for your family get together. You feel relaxed when you spend your time with your loved ones so we should give this space a special treatment. Make it a beautiful part of your house. Paint it with amazing colors. Home painting can change the look of your home.

Our paint company gives you brilliant color ideas to brighten your living room


White and Navy


This is a classic combination. Use royal blue with white. The blue tone perfectly highlights the brightness of white. Take help from your paint contractor to combine these two colors perfectly.


White and Gray


When you are not sure which color you should choose for your living, just go for white and gray. Add some splash of other colors like red, yellow, orange which gives your room a character.




Make your home painting more interesting with this magenta. It creates an energizing effect. This bright color charged you up. It lifts up your mood instantly.


Navy Blue, black with neutral


Navy blue and beige are dark colors but they together create a modern look. Use a light color such as white or beige with these two colors. A neutral color balanced the look of two dark and bold colors.


Black and Gray


This is a timeless combo. These two neutrals make your living look stylish. Just keep your furniture and décor minimal. This combo never goes out of style. In fact, black adds drama to your home painting. Take a suggestion from your paint contractor how to use these two colors as a combo.


Pastel Shades


Try something new. Light pastel colors are new trends. It makes your home painting more beautiful. These shades add a calming touch to your living room. It makes your room look more elegant. Take a color palette from your paint company and choose which pastel shade you like for your living room.


Bright Yellow


This lively color instantly boosts your mood. Yellow symbolizes energy. When you enter your room after a tiring day the color itself cheers you up. Add this happy color for a bright and cheery home painting.


Dark Shades


Dark shades like deep blue, green are preferred because these colors are sophisticated and it adds elegance to your home. People like these colors as these are mysterious. These dark colors turn your living room into a beautiful place. You can ask your paint company whether these shades perfect for your living room or not.




Neutrals are best for timeless and elegant living room. Add some bright hues like green, pink, yellow to give an interesting look.


Bright Orange


This color gives a bright and warm feel. This happy color can cheer you up. If you want to use other bright colors with it use the lighter shades of the colors. Your paint contractor will definitely guide you.


Pink and Purple


This is a unique combination. Try this in your living room. This combo surely makes your living stunning. But don’t paint your whole wall pink or purple. It doesn’t look good. You can use some accessories.


White and Gold


Very few dare to try this combination. People shy away from the color gold. But gold itself symbolizes luxury. If you don’t comfortable with painting your wall or furniture gold then use it in some other way. Like, you can add some gold accessories or decor. White and gold together create elegance. Take a suggestion from your paint contractor.


Red, White and Brown


Most people used to with the combination of white and brown. But if you want to try something different, use a bit of red. It can be your red sofa or a picture with a touch of red. You can paint some areas of your living with this color.


For any query related to your living room color just consult our paint company. 123 Homepaints is here in West Bengal to answer your queries. Just ring our Rong Number 8336979516 or 8336979514.

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