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Bedroom Color Ideas

Bedroom Color Ideas


Color can change your home’s look instantly. Home painting makes your house look new. When you enter your newly painted room, you really feel good and refreshed. Obviously, you give every space of your house special treatment. First, start with your master bedroom. It feels good when you enter your bedroom after a long and tiring day. But it depends on your mood which type of color you want to apply on your wall. First, ask yourself if you want something which gives you a soothing and calming effect or something which energizes you. Take a suggestion from your paint contractor.


But whatever color or mood you choose there’s a color scheme for everything. You can apply single color or mixed colors for a complementary scheme. So contact your paint company and make your home painting more beautiful.




White is the color of simplicity and peace. The soft color calms you down. It best suits in the small bedroom where white emphasizes the height of the ceiling.


White and Gray


If you don’t like all-white then go for white-gray. It’s a great combination for bedroom. A little shade of gray adds depth to your room. Gray also breaks the dull all-white look. Ask your paint contractor for a suggestion.   


Black and White


It’s a classic color combo. If you want to give your home a dramatic look try this scheme. You can use different accessories in this color combo. The combination makes your home painting look amazing.


Blue and White


Blue and white together gives a cool, clean and fresh effect. The color scheme looks friendly and inviting. The color combination is eye-catching and dramatic.




Red symbolizes energy. It pairs well with warm tones. Use white trims to give contrast to your red room. Ask your paint contractor how to apply red perfectly with warm tones in your bedroom.




This soft color is perfect for bedroom. It creates a calming and romantic environment. But you may feel it too feminine. To break this look use some contrasting color in your cushion, furniture or other accessories. Take advice from your paint company.


Pink and Green


It is a wonderful color combo. Use pink as an accent color in a green bedroom. Pink can play as a complementary color with green. They both add a beautiful effect to your home painting.




This is really soothing. This ocean color creates a tranquil environment. Mix and match with antiques and wooden furniture.




Gray gives a sophisticated look. You can choose different shades of gray. Tell your paint company to show you the color palette and choose your favorite gray shades. With this neutral add some color. Like, put a picture or wall hanging for a contrasting look.




Yellow is a cheery and happy shade. You feel happy when you enter your room after a tiring day. Yellow refreshes your mind. Give an energetic and refreshing touch to your home painting with yellow.




Black is stylish and sophisticated. This color creates a cozy environment. But don’t paint your whole wall black. It’s suffocating. Make it an accent or use it as a hue with some other color. You can break the whole black look with art and photographs.




It is a color from nature. When you feel restlessness green relaxes your mind and eyes. Green gives you peace.  


Green and Blue


Both colors go well with each other. They are ideal for bedroom. Together they create a calming ambiance. Your paint contractor will surely tell you how to apply these two colors wisely.


For any query related to your bedroom color just consult our paint company. 123 Homepaints is here in West Bengal to answer your queries. Just ring our Rong Number 8336979516 or 8336979514.


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