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Tips to Cover Up Your Damaged Walls

Tips to Cover Up Your Damaged Walls


The best way to give your house a makeover is home painting. Nothing can be more distressful than to see your favorite wall in a bad condition. You spent your time decorating your walls, coloring them but the monsoon rain, storm and extreme temperature can play havoc role and damage your wall. Damp, crack, seepage you will face many problems in spite of repairing years after years. Some of our clients based in Kolkata contact our paint company to know how to solve this problem. We assure them there are many ways to convert your bad wall into a stunning canvas.

Our paint company gives you some tips to cover up your cracked walls


Textured wall


Make you home painting more interesting. Use texture to cover up the cracks. You can use your preferred color but for a glittering effect adds color gold. No one can guess what’s behind this beautiful texture.




Wallpaper works well to cover up any marks such as crayons, pen or dirt. But don’t try to use wallpaper on damp walls. Wallpapers can transform an ordinary room into an extraordinary. It can change the whole look. It looks good with the right types of furniture. Consult with your paint contractor.


Bright Outside


Outside walls are easily fading due to rain, temperature etc. Our paint company has an easy solution to make your dull boring outside wall interesting. Just paint it with bright color. Bright yellow, orange, green are the best option to brighten your dull wall. Changing color give you a feel-good reaction. 


Make wall your canvas


When the wall is prone to getting dirty just make your wall a canvas. It is a great solution to hide the dirt. Paint a landscape on your wall. It can be anything which you wish to see. It’s interesting to see how a dusty wall changes into beautiful scenery. Add a beautiful touch to your home painting.


Wall art


Your paint contractor will definitely suggest you this. Use wall art to hide imperfections. Choose your favorite design and apply them to your wall. When your guests come to your home they will be amazed to see your beautiful walls without detecting any cracks and dirt.


Go for murals


Murals are a great idea to cover up ugly walls. Murals can be anything, you can add a map, scenery to your wall to give it a different look.  You love to see how nice it looks.


Wall tattoos or wall stickers


It’s the cheapest way to design your wall plus hide the flaws. It instantly boosts your home’s styling quotient. Contact your paint contractor to know how to properly wall tattoos.

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