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Layering Your Wall with Tone on Tone Color Technique

Layering Your Wall with Tone on Tone Color Technique


Patterns, design, wallpaper obviously look good but what about styling your wall with one or two colors. Last month, a client from Kolkata when giving a contract to our paint company asked us to use patterns on his living room and bedrooms. Of course, it was a great idea but 123 Home Paints suggested him to use a different paint technique for his living room. We used tone on tone color technique. It’s a technique where you need not choose so many colors, layering the wall with different shades of one or two colors. Get a dramatic look with just darker and lighter hues of that same color.

Our paint company gives you some tips to style your wall with tone on tone color technique


Layer your wall


You can choose any color to give a tone on tone look. Use a dark color for a base and then ask your paint contractor to bring that tone 2-3 shades lighter. 2 shades are enough to give a different look and if you want a dramatic look use more shades.


Make art your inspiration


Highlight your favorite art piece. Choose your favorite color and use tone on tone technique. This will blend perfectly with your art piece and adds a unique touch to your wall.


Materials and walls


Ask your paint contractor to mix and match materials with different shades. Paint your wall with a color then use a different shade of that same color in adjacent place, pillows, and rugs. It gives an organized look.


Door and windows


Tone on tone isn’t only for your walls and furnishings, you can use it on your windows and doors. The more spaces you use this technique the more your home looks good. Transform your home into a beautiful place.


Match window and wall color


If you have a higher ceiling and you want to make it more intimate, then match your window and ceiling color. Choose lighter and darker shades which complement each other. These tones throughout the room add a dimension.


Use it in every room


You can use tone on tone in every room, talk to your paint contractor. Apply different shades of the same color in your bedroom, living, kitchen, dining and bathroom. You can also paint your office with different shades of the same color.


Black and white


The color goes well also with black and white. These are neutral colors, so tone on tone blend with this duo very easily. Use black and white in your furnishings and tone on tone on your wall. Create a neutral combination which will look great in your home.


Change the look of your home by using tone on tone color. See how a single color can transform your home. Consult our paint company for any doubt. 123 Home Paints is here in West Bengal. Call our Rong Number 83369 79514 / 83369 79516. Get efficient paint service and easy EMI from our paint company.

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