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Style Your White Walls

Style Your White Walls


White is beautiful, it’s relaxing, it’s fresh. Our paint company met clients and many of them prefer plain white walls for their living, dining, bedroom or kitchen. Many shy away to try pure white but whenever you look, the color only gives you a calming effect. But if you think white is boring then you are wrong. In fact, you can style it the way you want and make your home look beautiful.

Our paint company gives you some tips to decorate your white wall and make it interesting


Use it as a backdrop

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Use the color as your backdrop. You don’t need to apply any color to the wall. White inspires your imagination.  Put anything on the white wall which looks good. 


Add an artwork

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Make your white wall a background for your favorite artwork. The art piece would highlight more on the clean white wall. Go for a large art piece which dominates the whole wall. Also, a series of small art pieces would look good on your wall. Just be sure that the artwork has lots of colors which complement your wall.  



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Your furniture should contrast your neutral wall. So think twice before you choose your furniture. What type of furniture you choose it depends on the location of your white wall. For example, your bedroom has a white wall and the choices of your bed or cupboard should complement your wall. And if it is for living room choose sofa, center table according to the wall and ambiance.


White kitchen

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White has many colors from off-white to creamy white. Paint your kitchen with white shades. Apply white on your modern or traditional kitchen. Our many clients want white in their kitchen as it looks clean and fresh. Take a suggestion from your paint contractor which shades of white look good on the kitchen wall. Install cabinets with bright colors which add a contrast. If you want your kitchen all white including the cabinets this would also look good.


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