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Paint Your Home with Warm and Cool Combination

Paint Your Home with Warm and Cool Combination


You have many paint colors to choose from when you decide to paint your house. After giving contract, the paint company gives you a color palette to choose. Choose your favorite color but select a combination of warm and cool colors. Warm gives a stimulating effect whereas cool colors are more calming. Together they make your home look elegant.


Warm Color

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Warm colors are found in nature. These colors give a cozy feeling. The colors best suited for rooms where people socialize; like living room, dining room, and kitchen. Warm colors sometimes dominant the room. So, it’s not a wise idea to use warm color in bedroom. Your paint contractor will briefly describe you.


Warm Color Lighting

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Yellow lights look best with the darker shades of warm colors. White lights go with lighter shades of warm colors.


Cool Color

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Cool colors are colors of sea, sky and grass. It gives serenity to any room so use these colors for bedroom and living room. Take guidance from your paint company and ask them to choose which cool color suits your room. 


Cool Color Lighting

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Natural light keeps the freshness of cool colors. In the evening white reveals the different shades of cool colors.


White, Gray and Black

A shade of white, gray and black adds a tone to hues. All primary, secondary and tertiary colors are hues; white, gray and black are not added there. When white is added, the hues become soft and soothing.  A shade of white makes the room looks spacious and gives a relaxing feel. Just remember combine the shade with another light color or darker color of same family. But don’t combine light shades with any color that has gray or black tone.

A touch of gray makes the tone look sophisticated. Gray adds a formal look, it’s perfect for large rooms where there are lots of natural light. Combine gray with mid-tone of another color or color of the same family. But don’t combine it with color that has white or black tone.

Black is powerful and mysterious. It adds drama and goes with large room where natural light plays well. But don’t overuse the color. Ask your paint contractor how to use these three neutrals wisely.


Bold Combination