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Right Way to Test Paint Color

Right Way to Test Paint Color


Before painting your wall it is important to test the paint. Any paint company would suggest before painting wall check samples. Some select their favorite color on several sheets of paper or sample boards. After that, hang them on the wall to compare the color. But it is not the right way to test color. Actually many factors matter before you paint your wall.

Our paint company gives some tips to test sample color rightly


Paint test on the wall

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You can understand the color perfectly if it is applied directly on the wall. This is true for interior as well as exterior. Ask your paint contractor to test different sample color and see the difference. Paint side by side. You can see which color you like the most in the palette it looks dull on your wall instead you may like some other color.


Two coats

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Apply at least two coats. It gives you the proper saturation. The second coat makes a big difference. Some paints are thinner, so here you may need three coats which are equal to two coats. Also, try to paint a large area, at least 1 foot by 1 foot. 2 inch swath doesn’t give you a proper idea.


Use primer for rich color


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If you want to paint your room with bright color, use primer before sample test. Your paint contractor will definitely suggest that. If you choose dark hue then the combination of primer and color give a true sense of exact color which you want to paint.


Test on different walls

A shade looks different on different walls. Your paint contractor may advise you to test the same hue on two different walls where light plays differently, a wall with broad light reflection and the other wall with less light.


Lighting is important

Check the sample paint in both natural and artificial light. Natural light plays an important role. Sometime with changing light the hue changes. When you check the paint in artificial light remember your need. Don’t use lights which complement your wall. Like you want to paint your study room where you need LED light. Here if you check the paint in light-bulb, it may complement your wall but won’t fulfill your need. If you are not sure then take your time to check the sample.


Check different shades


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Don’t stick on a single color. Check different shades. Even if two shades look similar, they look different when applying on wall. So sort out the colors you like and paint them on walls then you can realize the difference and which looks better.


Timing is important

Colors change with the time of a day. The color you look in the morning may seem different at noon or in the evening. It’s best to watch the sample throughout the day and then decide to make sure you love your choice. Which looks best at first glance doesn’t look good at the end result. 


It’s a wise decision to test paint before painting. If you have confusion regarding sample test and lighting call 123 home paints. Our paint company is there for you in Kolkata and Odisha. Feel free to call our Rong Number.

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