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Right Combination of Your Joy and Pleasure

Right Combination of Your Joy and Pleasure


Every day we meet several clients. Many of them have no idea about the right color combination. They choose some weird color combination that makes their walls look dull. It also creates a negative impression. The unfortunate part is we can’t insist someone. But when you paint your home you need to know the right color combination.

We are giving you some tricks to paint your walls with right color combination.



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Combined color with different shades of a same color. Monochromatic is a single base hue in lighter and darker shades. If you want to paint your walls with monochromatic red then the colors should be the lighter and darker shades of red.



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It s a three color combination. Analogous colors are a group of three colors that are next to each other. It s sharing a common color with one being the dominant which tends to be a primary or secondary color. Don t mix it with monochromatic colors. Remember monochromatic is a single base hue.

So if you want to paint your bed room with only blue based colors then just imagine how it would look if you combine the blue with Turquoise Blue, Sky Blue and Cadet Blue! Every time you enter your bed room it gives you a dramatic feeling.



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Complimentary colors often considered as opposite colors. When two opposite colors sit beside each other it creates a contrast or it compliments each other. These two create a striking color clash which attracts the eyes. If you look at the CMYK color model then the best complimentary pairs are Cyan, Red; Blue, Yellow; Green, Magenta.




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The triadic color scheme is tend to be quite vibrant. It s a three color combination. Don t be confused with Analogous.

Analogous colors are three different shades of a same color and Triads colors are three completely different colors. When you use the triadic color scheme then the colors should be carefully balanced. Let one particular color dominate and use two others for complimentary color tone.

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